How To Open Blocked Facebook

SOT could understand if you have hobby to open Facebook. This Mark Zuckerberg social network is surely certain phenomena. There are many people have hobby to open Facebook and interact again with old friends which previously is difficult to be met. Because of its addictive effect, some institutions like office and schools blocked this website, so that the employee and students wouldn’t access Facebook in office / school hours. But do you know that, eventhough it is blocked, we can still able to access Facebook with some tricks. Today SOT will discuss some ways to open blocked Facebook!

How to open blocked Facebook


Opening Facebook which is blocked with IP Address

One of the easiest way to open blocked Facebook is by using Facebook IP Address. Why is it so? Because most of institution or company blocked Facebook from Windows host file. So, by putting IP Address to your browser directly, you will evade the windows host file block.

To get Facebook IP Address, you’ll just have to open “Run” box in your Windows and put this command:

Ping –t

How to open blocked Facebook


You will receive this result:

How to open blocked Facebook


That’s Facebook IP Address. You’ll just have to put the IP Address into your browser and press Enter button to access Facebook.

How to open blocked Facebook


Open Blocked Facebook by Using DNS Server

If method above is not working, then you’ll have to try opening your DNS Server setting. You can change it with OpenDNS servers or Google Public DNS servers. To do that, you have to go to DNS Server by clicking on Control Panel > Network & Internet > Network Sharing Center > Local Area Connection > Properties > TCP/IPv4 > Properties.

How to open blocked Facebook


Fill in this DNS server Address: , or ,

How to open blocked Facebook


Both ways are still not able to open blocked Facebook? Hmm, then tried: 8 ways to open blocked sites. One of them probably will be successfully open your Facebook block in your office / school.

Hey hey.. but don’t play Facebook too much OK! SOT will be blamed since teaching these tricks to you! Hehe..^^


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