How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection

SOT’s hands here will be itchy if leaving a day left without getting touch an Internet. At least SOT should present one or two articles for SOT’s loyal visitors. However, problems always appeared, such as bad mood :p, laziness :D or the biggest problems SOT once experienced is: Internet connection which got distracted.

If you often experienced problems SOT experienced, especially internet connection, SOT here will try to help you. This time SOT will discuss about how to overcome troubled internet connection and overcome it.

Firstly, you have to check physical thing can be seen, such as modem or router. If anyone kick or prank you by releasing connection cable, then you won’t got long frustration.

How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection


Second, you can check the obviously-seen parts in computer. There are many things you can check from computer. Here are the tips:



Router or modem has connected well and on? But you got problem when opening PusatGratis? You can check this matter by Ping.

Open Start Menu and search for Command Prompt.

How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection

Typ on ping followed by site you will be visited. If the site you visit send lost data 0%, it means the site didn’t experience any problem. Probably, the problem is located in your slow connection.

How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection

When the site you visited send Lost data 100%, it means the site is in trouble, and not your internet connection which has trouble.

How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection

However, there are some sites which never responded ping technique, for example, official site of


Down For Everyone Or Just For Me

Using Down For Everyone Or Just For Me online service. This site provides checking for your site. Does the site is down or health. If the site you open is healthy, then Down For Everyone Or Just For Me will display It’s just you. is up.

How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection

Visit Down For Everyone Or Just For Me:


Modem & Router

Modem is a device connecting you with internet service, while Router is a device which shared internet connection in other device in your home. To find out problems in modem and router, you need to see the blinked lamps (LEDs) in modem. If all of them are green on, then it would be no problem. But if there’s an orange or red lamp, it means there’s a problem on it. To overcome this lamp problem, try to release power cable or LAN cable connected with modem. Then re-plug and turn modem on. You’d better try to restart the device you used, since it will also change the setting of system, for example in Windows.

How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection

If you still have trouble, try factory reset or update firmware in modem. But you need to remember, you have to find out first about modem setting given by internet provider. Or you’d better call the internet provider to repair problem in modem and router.



If you have a lot of computers in similar internet connection, but only your computer which cannot be used to surf the internet, your software probably have a problem, and it’s probably a serious matter. For example malware or virus attack. To overcome this problem, you’d better scan overall virus and try to browse using other browsers. Actually, if the matter is located in software, then there would be many problem happened. One of the example is: improper firewall setting.


DNS Server

When you try to visit a site, but the site still couldn’t be accessed, whereas all those things above are correct, it probably caused by DNS server you used. In deafult you use DNS Server which is only provided by internet service provider. To overcome this matter, you’d better use DNS Server from third party like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

How to Overcome Troubled Internet Connection


If all tricks above aren’t worked, it seems like you should change internet providers or if you need, you can re-install your computer. Those are tips from SOT which you probably need. SOT hope it will be useful (^.^)

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