How to Prevent Other People Found Out That You “Have Seen” Their Message in Facebook!

We live in social media era where it is hard to find a person who haven’t found out about Facebook. This social network is a cultural phenomena all over the world. Even so, there are several things disturbing from Facebook, such as, lack option to do customization, and also privacy issue.

Facebook team has tried hard to overcome this thing, but in fact, it’s still not enough. The matter once again went forward by the existence of Facebook ‘feature’ which gave notification to chat users that the message they sent has been seen by the receiver, which often triggered an awkward situation (for example, when your friend send you a message via chat feature, when they knew that you’ve opened it but you didn’t answer or response it, you’ll feel awkward to your friend, won’t you?)

facebook unseen

For Chrome user, this is no longer a problem, because there’s already a new extension, which is Facebook Unseen. This extension prevent someone else to find out whether you’ve read their message or not. It will avoid you from awkwardness and reluctant in social interaction, also took over the privacy setting.

This extension can be installed easily from Chrome Web Store, which is from this link:

Facebook Chat used to have “Seen” feature, makes your friends possible to find out that you’ve read their message. If this extension is in enabled position, then you can protect your privacy by avoiding someone else find out that you’ve seen their message.

You can activate Facebook Unseen function easily just by clicking the button on omnibar. The panel will show how many messages you “haven’t seen”. From this panel, you can also read the message quietly.

facebook unseen

Overall, this light extension will help Facebook users to keep their privacy in social interaction. You can turn it on or off. Facebook Unseen especially used when you try to ignore someone, but the person still disturb you by spamming your chatboard, or when you want to create an alibi (that you’ve never read the message wrote by the person. Hehehe…)

Although it seems simple, I’m pretty sure that this extension would be useful. Don’t forget to click on like, tweet, or plus one for this article. Spread this article to other friends who love Facebook and Google Chrome.

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