How to Secure Your Online Identity in Internet Using Layers Protection

Recently, it’s not weird to interact in digital world. In Twitter, Facebook or Forums, many people interacted socially. Besides, there are many people used internet technology to do business and do certain activities. This time, SOT will discuss about the importance of keeping your privacy in internet in several things. SOT suggests you to bookmark this article and share it to your friends, because it would be useful!

There are three layers of yoru online social identity: public, group, and personal. Many people don’t know how to separate these three different identitiy layers.

The main example is bank information. You should use different email address and use certain identity which you should keep its privacy. If it needed, your close friend doesn’t have to know, it’s related with bank, credit card, PayPal and other online account related with money. This email address should be separated, don’t use it for something else. Don’t ever publish it and don’t share it with other person.

That’s what SOT meant by personal identity. Next is group identity – it’s only for family, friends, and small groups. And next is your public side. Your identity to be perform in public. So, it seems like you building three identity layers.

How to Secure Your Online Identity in Internet Using Layers Protection

Now SOT will discuss how to protect your online identity:


Secure your Email Address

Starting from now, use special email address which you don’t share to other people and use it to manage your financial account such as bank, credit card, etc. don’t let this email address got spammed, because it will make you possible to be exploited by hacker which would endanger your financial.


Use Double Email to Protect your identity

It would be good to have public email address you use for everything. Many email system like Gmail makes you possible to have two accounts by one name.


Login Name

Other technique is using the same login name in all systems all over the world, also have email address which is similar with username you use for login, however, it is suggested with different password. In any open sites, it would be good to use the same image/photo and profile.

You should try to create similar profile, logo, and photo information or similar image in your networks. In this case, if you search your own name, you can see all sites used your profile. It would be easier to recognize if someone use your logo or picture and pretend to be you. So, for public and social sites, use the same email address for registration, use the same image and contact. Be consistent in it.


Be careful with Security Questions

Now all sites (specifically email) has ‘security questions’ like: “In what city you were born?” Don’t answer this question according to your real condition. Because, people who know you well could use this crack, and try to take your email account over. So, you’ll just have to answer: “In what city you were born?” “Timbuktu”.

As additional steps, you can use privacy protection service and install internet privacy software. For example, there’s Steganos Privacy Suite, PC Tools Privacy Guardian, or other privacy software. unfortunately, many of this privacy security software is a paid software. That’s a good tips for you to avoid someone use your identity, also tried to steal your account related with your financial – because recently, the simplicity of internet business makes many people, including you probably, involved in it. Enjoy to surf the digital world!

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