Is it Legal to Download and Reuse YouTube Video? (Quick Answer)

One of our readers, Hank, has asked us with a question: Is it legal to download and reuse YouTube video? Well, I believe there are a lot of YouTube visitors also have the same question. Actually, there are two kinds of license types on YouTube video. Those types can indicate whether a video is legal to download and reuse or not.

Is it Legal to Download and Reuse YouTube Video? (Quick Answer)

When users open a video page on YouTube, users can check the video license on the bottom of its description. When the video license written as “Creative Commons Attribution License,” it means users can download and reuse the video legally. If the video license written as “Standard YouTube License,” it means users MIGHT not to download and reuse the video.

Video License Details on YouTube Video Description

However, “Standard YouTube License” is the default setting for all video uploader. If they are not change this setting when uploading a video, the video will always use the “Standard YouTube License.”

YouTube License Setting

I hope this explanation is useful for users who still confused about the YouTube video license.

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  • Jose Balboa

    No, you did not make sense. So reuse okay for Youtube Standard License or NOT. IT’s easy if you know the answer (yes or no). You contradicted your statement above with the graphics as well.

  • Jasmine Jones
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