Meaning From Five Web Page Error Message When It is Opened

Not all website you opened always opened successfully. Sometimes, one of them is not opened, and there would be error message displayed. There are many type of error messages which you should know. Different browser will also influence the error message content. If you want to find out more about error message means when the site couldn’t be opened, follow this article.


SSL Certificate

Meaning From Five Web Page Error Message When It is Opened

Error caused by SSL certificate commonly happened when you tried to open a site with HTTPS. If there’s a site displayed HTTPS, they will try to be a legal site or in other world, secure site.

For example, has HTTPS certification, when you tried to open by adding HTTPS, then it will be opened, not other site which tried to imitate the other example if you try to open bank account from public Wi-Fi and seeing browser display SSL certificate request, there’s a possibility that the bank website has been imitate by someone who has bad intention. Other possibility why the browser displayed SSL certificate is, a website is failed to renew or set the certificate. When you find such problem, you can still continue the access by clicking on “I Understand The Risk”.


Phising and Malware Warning

Meaning From Five Web Page Error Message When It is Opened

If you open a site, then there’s a word such as phising or web forgery appeared, and warning about malware, it means the website is dangerous for you to be opened. The website contained malware or fake other web to get someone’s password, credit card number, or important information. When you already open such website, it would be better for you not to open it again.


Error 404

Meaning From Five Web Page Error Message When It is Opened

When you try to open a site and what happened is Error 404 message, it means you open a page which doesn’t exist on the website. It used to be happened when you type the wrong word or the page is still built by the web owner. Then what should you do when finding such error? What you have to do is checking the URL bar and make sure that the URL you’ve typed is correct. If it’s correct, but the page doesn’t exist, it means the page has been erased.

The site owner can customize Error 404 as they wanted, so various site has various display in displaying Error 404 message. For Example, MakeUseOf site above, displaying error page with Mario game theme.


Server Not Found

Meaning From Five Web Page Error Message When It is Opened

Firefox Browser display Server not Found? If you access a site and there’s such message displayed, it means the web you’re accessing is not there. It is commonly happened because of wrong URL, DNS server you use down, your firewall, your proxy, or other wrong setting.


Unable to Connect

Meaning From Five Web Page Error Message When It is Opened

Have you ever experienced Unable to connect in browser display? This message is displayed just like Server not found, but it has different meaning. It is happened because browser has successfully connected the DNS, but the browser couldn’t respond what has been given by the site server. The simple word is, probably the site you are visiting down, you can re-check it by using Down For Everyone Or Just For Me or Overcoming Troubled Internet Connection.


Actually there are more problems happened. However five above are common problem you met. At least by those five explanation above, you already found out why the website couldn’t be opened.

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