Now you can Edit Comment in Facebook!

Awaited feature now finally came. Now you can edit your comment in Facebook, whether old or new comment. Yaaay! Yeah… Although SOT actually is a bit late to realize it ^^

Actually this feature has been implemented by Facebook since four days ago, exactly on June 22nd 2012. In fact, at that time, there’s not all Facebook users are able to enjoy it. I don’t know since when this feature can be enjoyed by all Facebook user. One thing for sure, this Facebook feature is now also active in SOT Facebook account.

This new feature makes you possible to edit your comment in Facebook, whether it is new comment or old comment! Previously, there’s only a few seconds time given by Facebook to edit comment. Even old comments cannot be edited again and only can be erased.

Now you don’t have to erase and rewrite your mistyped Facebook comment. Even now you can edit your old comment. To edit this comment, you just have to click on pencil logo icon on the upper right of each comment, then select “Edit”

Now you can Edit Comment in Facebook!

After edited the comment, on the comment there would be “Edited” note, so your friend will find out that the comment has been edited.

Now you can Edit Comment in Facebook!

Now you don’t have to worry when you do mistype or misspeak when replying your friend’s comment in Facebook. Enjoy trying :D

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