Now You Can Find Attachment’s Content in Gmail

Or you, GMail users, there is only wan way which actually would never be thought by other people. If you’re Gmail user, there’s one more thing you can do: find out Gmail attachment! You can only find attachment if you know the file name or some other keyword in its email. It because, Gmail is not able to read PDF, Word, Powerpoint and other format document in your attachment content which is important. However, it is change now, because now you can find attachment content just by Gmail easily! Gmail finally able to do attachment content, whether it is in PDF, Word, Powerpoint and other popular format documents. How to do that?

To find the attachment content, you’d just have to type:

has:attachment yourkeywordsearching

For example SOT want to find attachment about exciting battle game, so SOT will just have to type this in Gmail Search form.

has:attachment exciting battle game

Now You Can Find Attachment’s Content in Gmail


To fin dattachment with certain format, you can use this in Gmail Search Form:

has:attachment filename:pdf

Now You Can Find Attachment’s Content in Gmail


where pdf can be searched with doc, ppt, or other popular format file.

Just like in Google Search, you can also combine the command to make you easier in searching action. For example:

has:attachment “base backup package” filename:pdf

Now You Can Find Attachment’s Content in Gmail


The command above will search attachment with PDF format and has exact keyword base backup package content.

How about that? It’s easy to find attachment in Gmail, isn’t it?

Because this feature is still fresh, it probably took a little time for Gmail to index all attachments in your email. When all have been indexed, finding attachment in email won’t be difficult anymore.


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