Searching Email Attachment in Gmail According to the File Size

Are you searching email according to its file size? If you used Gmail service, you can overcome the matter easily. Now Gmail is able to search email according to the filesize. So, you can quickly sort email attachment your friend have sent to you. Moreover if the attachment file you searched were already from years ago from your friends. Hmmm… It’s surely irritating to search them one by one.

By using email client software like Mozilla Thunderbird, EmailTray or Windows Live Mail will surely helpful. But it would be better if you directly use Gmail which is able to load email faster? You’d just have to type “size:” then followed by filesize and added with contact name, email, or another keyword which would make your searching easier and faster.

Searching Email Attachment in Gmail According to the File Size

To fill in the size there’s something you should pay attention. So, if you search file size more than 1 Megabyte, you should type on size: 1000000 or if it is more than 10 Megabyte, then type on size: 10000000. For size more than 100 Kilobyte, you should type size: 100000. in calculation, actually it isn’t right, since 10 Megabyte actually is 1048576 Byte. However, it will make your searching more complicated, to avoid confusion, it is made as above and added with some keywords.

This tips and tricks can also be used to delete email with huge size, so it make your email space empty. Now you can easily search for email attachment.


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