Super-Fast Tips to Turn Off Disturbing Facebook Notification

Facebook continuously do some breakthroughs to make their users comfortable in using Facebook. One of their latest effort is, avoid their users to get notification they don’t want.

Case example: Have you ever got notification from your friend who asked you to play certain application in Facebook? The notification is working automatically, and sometimes your friend doesn’t know about it. It’s quite disturbing if notifications you’ve received all in the same type. Or probably you also want to avoid notification from online sellers in Facebook which only advertised their product in your account?

Now Facebook has given a facility for you to avoid the thing. You will just have to click on notification on your Facebook account.

When you get notification which you don’t like (for example, notification from game application or online seller advertisement), then you just have to click on the “x” sign which is “turn off’ button for the notification.

Super-Fast Tips to Turn Off Disturbing Facebook Notification

After you clicked the sign, you’ll get turn off and keep on option. You surely have to choose turn off option if you don’t want this kind of notification send again to you.

Super-Fast Tips to Turn Off Disturbing Facebook Notification

By this way, you can avoid your notification full by less important things. Moreover, if the notification only contained advertisement from online shop which expected you to watch their goods.

For worse case, you can even report the notification sender as spammer. By this way, it seems like Facebook really want to keep their user comfort in using Facebook.

Since recently Facebook continuously gives development, please inform to PusatGratis if you found out new simple facility from Facebook. We will love to review it so there would be more people found out the information.

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