This is List of Add-on Which Made Memory Leaks in Firefox

Memory leaks matter is still haunting each Mozilla Firefox user. Mozilla itself said that it is not Mozilla mistake, but a part of Mozilla problem. It because Add-on which created memory leaks in Mozilla Firefox.

It can’t be denied that Mozilla has so many add-on, started from the one which decoded well until add-on which recklessly decoded… started from personal until the huge company made.

This is List of Add-on Which Made Memory Leaks in Firefox

However, it turned out that good-decoded add-on and made by huge company doesn’t guarantee the add-on is good. Nicholas Nethercote, one of Firefox’s programmer gave list of some add-ons which are known caused memory leaks in Firefox.

Here is list of add-ons which known causing memory leaks in Firefox.

1. Add-on which is coded well: Adblock Plus, Video DownloadHelper, GreaseMonkey, and Firebug.

2. Simple Add-on: It’s All Text, Image Zoom TorButton, NoSquint, Customize Your Web, and 1Password.

3. Add-on made by huge company: McAfee SiteAdvisor dan Yahoo! Toolbar.

It’s possible there are more add-ons caused memory leaks which haven’t found out. Although the add-ons are not dangerous, but severe memory leaks could cause:

1. Firefox hang for several moments.

2. Firefox becomes so slow or late to respond when it is used for basic operation such as scrolling or tab changing.

3. Computer becomes so slow, especially when the computer has only a small RAM.

4. Firefox got crashed and closed automatically.

Mozilla said that Memory leaks matter caused by Add-ons would be overcome in the next version of Firefox, which would be Firefox 15.

Is there any of the add-ons installed in your Firefox?

If it’s existed and it’s not needed, it would be better for you to remove the add-on. Or you can use Firemin to overcome this memory leaks problem.


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