[Tips] How to Make Your FB Group More Popular

One of the coolest features in Facebook is, we can create a group which specifically discuss about hobby or something we interested in, then we can invite people who have the same interest with us, or probably intentionally invite so many people to join our group. There are so many things we can get by creating such group. For example, we can add our knowledge related with the interesting thing, also add relations or friends who also have the same interest.

[Tips] How to Make Your FB Group More Popular

SOT now have interest to discuss about how to make your group more popular in FB! It surely because there are many people joined your group and it would be fun because it would make our networks wider in sharing things we interested together.

What are those tips?


Select a cool name for your Group

Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet script: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”

For God sake, don’t use that principle for your group. Serious! It would be strange if you use a name like ‘Wild Orchid’ for a group of machomen who love Fitness.
Cool name doesn’t have to be extraordinary or rare. Sometimes, simplicity and directly described the meaning would also great.


Create an Attractive page/group

[Tips] How to Make Your FB Group More Popular

In Facebook, there are many things can be managed related with your group. For example picture, or probably you want to include certain application to be used by your group members. Polling perhaps? Or probably you need to provide liks to video, vision, mission, or description of impressive group activity? Also don’t forget about color setting.


Suggest/invite/add friends to your Facebook group/page

[Tips] How to Make Your FB Group More Popular

This group page makes you possible to invite friends or someone else to your group. Whatever method you used, it would be better if the invitation is directed to people who have the same interest with you. It would be useless for you to invite all people to join your group, since other people will be disturbed if you force him/her to join your group.


Promote it via similar group and page

[Tips] How to Make Your FB Group More Popular

If you have a group which is interested in English learning, it would be better for you to promote it into other groups which also have English learning theme or interaction practice in English learning. Promote your group to those groups. If what you interested in is the same, it will take their interest. But if you promote something far different, for example, promoting cat lover group to dog lover group, SOT felt, you won’t get good response as you wish before.


Cross-Promote Groups you’re following

What SOT meant here is, if you follow some groups with similar theme, it would be better for you to promote those groups each other, so they who interested could take benefit from various group followed. For example, a person who have interest in English, surely would be glad to be referred into English literature lover group, translating expert group, and various activities which are still in English language sector.

Make your group active

Sometimes your group would be stuck if there’s no one fill in information in your group page. It could trigger a boring in your group. To stop it, you need to do this things:

  • Update information related with theme you interested in
  • Upload and tag your photo or video
  • Create an event whether virtual or real.
  • Joking, distributing anecdote or humor
  • Using Facebook Chat to do chat with all group members.
  • Giving something for free
  • Giving useful links for other members
  • Asking something in the group page.

Ideally, in this group you need to keep all people to involve each other in sharing content or discussing information. Good communication among member is the key!

Create a Viral Content

What SOT meant by this viral content is, discussion which made all people to interact each other. For example, sharing picture and challenge other people to ‘compete’, posting images with similar theme. It will make your group more active and cheerful.

Advertise your Group

Facebook has many options to offer advertisement to other members. In fact, if your group was made for hobby and fun, this advertisement probably not important. But if you create a commercial group, it would be interesting if you advertise your group, so you can invite other people to look at your group content.


That’s all various tips from SOT to increase your group popularity in Facebook. By doing those tips, SOT sure you can pull your group popularity, whether your intention is lite hobby or commercial. That’s what social networks for, aren’t they?

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

  • EmilyBogansky

    I am trying to learn how to make the “SpArc Philadelphia” Facebook group a more presentable atmosphere in order to promote the amazing work that the employees are doing there!

  • Scott Saunders

    what site on the web allow free promoting of our groups? FB banned me for a week for posting my group link to FB groups. :(

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