Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

Twitter is the most popular microbloggin network recently. Almost every people use Twitter whether to find new relations, socializing, business, even politic. Even Jakarta is stated as the most active city in Twitter. So, if you haven’t tried this social network, SOT suggest you to taste it.

Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

Confuse about what to do in Twitter? You can read SOT’s article about Twitter tips for Beginners. From there, you will find out about how to use Twitter when you try to interact. When you get used to, you can also popularize yourself in this social network.

If you already did that, there’s only one thing left you should pay attention. Which is, keep your Twitter account secure!

Is it Important? Definitely!

It’s too bad if you already have thousands of followers, then suddenly your Twitter account is hacked by someone just because you lose your guard and do an action which endanger your security in Twitter. That’s why you should read the tips from SOT here!


Manage third party application

You can use Twitter by the supports of third party application. For example, Desktop Twitter Client or Plume for Android. All of those third party apps need authorization from your Twitter account. Be careful in using certain application, and if you feel uncomfortable with the application, you can erase the permission from your Twitter account by visiting this link:

Then if you want to erase the usage permission, you just have to click on “Revoke Access”

Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

By that step, the application would be no longer installed in your Twitter account.


Don’t re-use the old password

In using any social network, it is truly important to have a strong password . But there’s one important thing which is commonly forgotten, which is don’t use old password repeatedly!

If one day you feel bored by certain password and you want to exchange it, then you don’t have to re-use the old password, because there’s a possibility that the password you are using have been hacked by someone else and cause a threat which your account can be taken over.

If you exchange your password, give a new password! You don’t need to re-use password which previously you are using, however you love the password that much!


Use URL Expander

As you know, Twitter recently consisted of 140 characters when you post. Surely to overcome this, many Twitter users use URL Shortener like and Twitlonger. But it sometimes became trap! Sometimes you will be directed to certain site which bring advertising income for the person who posted, or probably phising site!

That’s why, if a short link (which uses is posted in your Timeline (TL), you need to be aware. You can use URL Expander to view the real form of the link. One of the most famous URL Expander is LongURL yang which you can visit in:

LongURL is able to help you opening code, so you will find out the real form of link sent to you.

Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

Moreover, if you are a loyal user of URL Shortener, to manage it, you can use FCorp which once reviewed by SOT. The benefit is, to manage short links you used.


Beware of Phising

Phising is an action which someone imitated certain website in order to get your username and password. The form is a similar websites, for example, similar with Twitter, Facebook, etc. Phising use your mistake when you type on URL address of aimed website. So, pay attention that the official Twitter has Twitter Inc logo with padlock icon in your browser.

Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

If you want to be secure from Phising, you can start using Chrome since according to information technology, Chrome is the strongest browser in overcoming phising.


Improve the security for Reset Password

Password Reset is a common method if your ID successfully hacked. It sometimes happened in situation where you use public computer (internet café or at a friend’s house), then you forgot to logout from your Twitter account. Person who opened the computer surely would be able to access the account you opened. If he/she did Password Reset, then your account would be disappeared completely!

That’s why, for preventive action, you need to strengthen your security for Password Reset. You just have to visit:

in “Password Reset” line, tick on it, then save.

Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

So, if someone reset your account, he/she has to put your personal information such as email and password. It would make your account far more harder to be hacked.


Ask for Twitter’s Help

Lastly, when someone already hacked your Twitter account, what can you do?
Don’t be panic. You’re still able to contact Twitter to ask for your account back. First of all, you need to follow the steps mentioned in Twitter Help Center here:

In short, you can follow steps to take your Twitter account by providing username, password, and early email. Twitter Support will help you to do it.


From above tips, you will be able to improve your Twitter account security. It is important since it would be too bad if your account which had been an idol in Tweetland is just gone! By paid attention on steps above, you’ll feel secure and save in using Twitter! Don’t forget to follow SOT twitter account if you play Twitter for latest information and technology tips!

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