What is Cookie, What is it used? Why was it made?

This time, SOT will talk about cookies. But this time, this is not the delicious and sweet cake… Cookies SOT will be talked about is cookies in internet. Most people knew that cookies are always with them when interacting the internet. Cookies influenced your privacy when surfing the internet, so you should find out completely what cookies is, and what is it actually.

What is Cookie, What is it used? Why was it made?

When you do searching in Google, login in Facebook, or login in Yahoo, actually you already leave cookies. Basically, cookies is not dangerous, just like password and email, but cookies can be used if you are not careful. Here’s SOT will explain completely about cookies


Definition of Cookie

Basically, definition of cookie is file inside your computer. Cookie will be made by your computer when you visit a website. The site will store a little information about interaction you did, which then web server will process it. Cookie is made specifically so that web server or program owed by your computer would be able to read it.

What is Cookie, What is it used? Why was it made?

Technically, cookie definition is, browser you use is mediator and controller program for cookie between computer and website. Cookies can be lost by itself depend on the website setting (you can also erase it manually or by software such as CCleaner).


Why was Cookie made?

What is Cookie, What is it used? Why was it made?

You’re probably asking, why was Cookie made? The reason is, because Cookie is comfortable and effective while it is used. When website with thousands or millions visitors didn’t use Cookie, they will store interaction data which done by visitor to server and it would be processed there. Surely it will take a long time, while it is using cookie, it would be faster.


Cookie usage?

What is Cookie, What is it used? Why was it made?

One reason of Cookie usage is, identifying you. What does it mean? SOT will explain it simply, when you open a website which need login from your account such as Facebook, so you have to fill in your username and password, and the data will be stored in cookie. When you’re out of browser and open Facebook once again, then you’ll be in your account, no need to re-login.


Is Cookie dangerous?

Cookie isn’t dangerous, cookie is just a method used to make an internet user easier to do something. Besides, cookie also cannot be infected by malware or virus. Then what are you afraid of about cookie? The worst story about it is, when someone stealing your cookie to create a fake data or getting email and password. However, you don’t have to be worried since cookie security is depend on website you visited and browser you used. Because commonly, cookie has already been encrypted to be protected from hacker’s attack.


What if Cookie is deleted?

What is Cookie, What is it used? Why was it made?

it would be no problem. Deleting cookie is one of the best thing to protect your privacy from hacker attack. Even if you erase your cookie, you just need to re-login to your Facebook account which commonly opened other site to enter your account. In all browser, cookie can be deleted and the location are different, depend on browser you are using. Here’s the way:

  • Internet Explorer: Setting>Safety>Delete Browsing History
  • Firefox: Tools>Clear Recent History
  • Chrome: Setting>Tools>Clear browsing data
  • Opera: Opera>Setting>Delete Private Data

You can also use software such as CCleaner, BleachBit, Eraser or Privacy Agent.
Now you already found out about cookie in internet influence? If there’s something wrong from SOT’s information above, SOT wish you can put some information to correct it. If it is less complete, you can also add it by leaving it in comment column.

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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