Is It True Defragging Hard Disk is Able to Accelerate Computer?

After previously SpyOnTech discuss about the truth about Prefetch Folder which is often said able to make Windows run faster, this time SpyOnTech is interested to discuss about Defrag in hard disk. Just like erasing Prefetch, defrag is often mentioned able to make computer run optimally. Is it true?

Is It True Defragging Hard Disk is Able to Accelerate Computer?

To find the truth, SpyOnTech will ask you to discuss further about this hard disk defragment.


What is hard disk Defragment?

Is It True Defragging Hard Disk is Able to Accelerate Computer?

Hard disk Defragment is a process to unite fragmenteted (separated) files in your computer hard disk.


Why file can be fragmented and what its effects?

Along with hard disk usage, where you store, change or erase file inside it, every change will make hard disk file location mess. Every change oftenly make the file stored in different location than before.

Slowly, one file and another will be separated and mess. It will make computer run slower since it would take more time for computer to read file in hard disk which location separated and mess.

To give you more insight about how fragmentation happened, pay attention to this image:

Is It True Defragging Hard Disk is Able to Accelerate Computer?

In the beginning, when the hard disk is empty, file will be stored in a row and continuously from A to E (image 1). Think that A to E files spend 10 blocks of hard disk.

Then when you erase B file, then your hard disk would be perforated since the block has been erased. (image 2).
So if you suddenly create F file which need 6 blocks, then the F file will be put on he spot where B previously existed (image 3).

Then you create another G file which need 4 blocks, so G file is also put after F file, exactly where B file previously existed (image 4).

When you add something in F file, so F file need more than 6 blocks, F file on B spot wouldn’t be developed anymore. That’s why, the additional F file (let’s say F-extend) will be put after E file. That’s called by fragmented file.

Since F has been separated on different locations, computer need more efforts and time to access it.


Does defrag would be able to accelerate the computer?

Yes it is. However, the effect is various, depend on how huge fragmentation happened. Let’s say, when you do the scan, your hard disk is 25% fragmented. When defrag the hard disk, your computer performance would be far improved. It would be different if the fragmentation happened is only 5%, when you do defrag, the performance improvement can be felt.

But yes… defragging hard disk is able to make your computer performance more optimum.


When should we defrag hard disk?

SpyOnTech suggested you not too often in defragging hard disk. Defragging fragmented hard disk, lack of 10% wouldn’t give you significant performance improvement. It would be better if you do defrag when fragmented hard disk is above 10%.


Is it common if after defrag there’s a free space change?

It’s definitely normal. Defrag process will re-arrange file in hard disk block to be more arranged and easier to be accessed. Sometimes this process makes your free space increasing or decrasing, and it’s normal. So, don’t worry that after defrag process you consider that the free space in your hard disk change a bit.

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