Keep Safe While Googling Using Google SSL Search Feature

Finding information using Google Search Engine or popularly called Googling can be done safer by using SSL search feature owed by Google. There are not many people knowing and using this SSL search feature while Googling.

Keep Safe While Googling Using Google SSL Search Feature

By using SSL connection, data exchange happened between your computer and Google would be encrypted safely so it will protect you from data stealing by third party. When you do searching by this SSL, your searching data won’t be read by third party like Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other parties. Beside that, when you visit a site from the searching result, your browser wouldn’t send referrer information to HTTP link you visited.

For Googling by Google SSL search feature, you can visit it here:


Google SSL search is still in beta version and this SSL protection only provided for google search feature (not ready for Google images, Google Maps etc). One thing as the weakness of this SSL connection is your connection speed would be a bit lower than using common connection.


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