Reproduce Logo Design Steps for the Famous Brand – IBM

The logo design from the famous brand is usually selected from the logo contest, which is the best one that gathers the value and creativity to promote corporate & service. In these logo contests, the famous brand prefers to choose word mark or letter mark logos as their company logos, because it is the simplest, just pure text or character based logo; but it is enough to symbol their identity.

Let’s view the word mark/letter mark from famous brand:

the word mark/letter mark from famous brand

Although these logo designs seem like simple, they are unique in font style, logo layout and color matching. Next, I will take “IBM” logo for example to reproduce the logo design steps for famous brand.

Reproduce IBM Logo

First, I will choose the easy-to-use Sothink Logo Maker to start my logo design.

Step one: Add text object and set it

1. Create a blank document, check “Add Text” button to input “IBM”; select this text object, and set text settings and customize color for text object like below images.

Add text:

Add text

Customize color:

Customize color

The logo is as follow:

The Logo

2. Drag the edit box to adjust its size, which makes width as 182 and height as 134, you can view its size in bottom right corner on the status bar.

Drag the edit box to adjust its size

Step two: Add image object and set it

1. Set canvas background as “grey”.

Set canvas background as grey

2. Drag “square” from resource library to canvas; and resize its width as 4 pixels.

Choose resources:

Choose resources

Resize resources:

Resize resources

View resource size:

View resource size

3. Set color as white for this image object; duplicate image object to get seven stripes; and put these stripes on the text objects

Set color as white for this image object

4. Re-set canvas background as “white”.

Re-set canvas background as white

Step three: Add effect for text object

1. Select “IBM” text object; and enter the effects panel, apply reflection effect to the text object, you will see the logo like below “IBM”.

apply reflection effect to the text object

Watch this reproduce logo design steps video below:

A famous brand IBM logo is finished after 3-step completion; you can use a practical logo maker to design other classic logos using different view and creative idea. Hope this method can give you more inspirations to design remarkable logos.


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