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If you’re just same as me, have so many bookmark link in browser and there are more and more from time to time, you might have trouble to manage all bookmark link. I once had it some moments ago. Especially when I wanted to clean bookmark from dead link and double link. After few times searching, finally I found free addon which can be used to do bookmark scanning automatically. This addon can find dead bookmark link and find its bookmark duplicate. Because I’ve felt the benefit myself, finally I decide to share it with you.

Bookmark Scanner for Google Chrome user

For Google Chrome user, addon you can use is Bookmark Sentry. This Addon can find various trouble in bookmark link you save, such as: inactive link, to link without icon in toolbar.

In default, this addon displays small advertisement spot. If you don’t want the advertisement appears, you can turn it off through setting page provided.

Here is the Bookmark Sentry addon for Google Chrome display.



Download addon Bookmark Sentry

Bookmark Scanner for Firefox User

For Firefox fan like me, addon you can use is CheckPlaces. Its function is almost similar with Bookmark Sentry for Google Chrome, which is checking bookmark link automatically to find inaccessible bookmark link, link duplicate, also link which has no favicon.

Here is the looks of CheckPlaces addon for Firefox.



Download addon CheckPlaces

Feel free to choose addon as your favorite browser. Ups.. Talking about bookmark, don’t forget to bookmark this PusatGratis site, so you won’t miss another useful free and legal software information. Thank you

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