Three New Year Resolutions for PC Users

Just a few moments later, years will be gone by. Is there anything special you expected for the next 2013? SOT is sure, recently you stare at your future with shiny eyes. Expecting there would be better and promising tomorrow! Full of joy!

Three New Year Resolutions for PC Users

One interesting thing in New Year is making resolution. It’s a kind of promise you try to make it come true for the next year – which is 2013. than put a huge resolution, you need a realistic one – but still a step forward. So in the end of the year, you’ll be satisfied watching that you have successfully fulfill your own resolution, which mean you have been a little better than previous year!

So, moment where you celebrate new year will be more impressive. You can make any resolutions in your field of life. Note and compare with previous year, than create better resolutions for the next year!

For PC user, probably you can follow resolution from SOT here


1. Creating Backup Regularly

Three New Year Resolutions for PC Users

Creating backup, seems like an easy thing to do. But often we have difficulties to do it because of one factor: laziness! We always procrastinate to create our important files, program or driver backup, which in the end such as a boomerang for ourselves. Knock us in unexpected moment. In 2013, we shouldn’t experience this kind of thing! Let’s create backup regularly!

For you who confuse to create backup data, you can use Cloud Storage like Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Box.

Any important data in your browser? Read this SOT’s article:

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Do you have important data in hard disk? You can read this SOT’s article:

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2. Check before you click

Three New Year Resolutions for PC Users

Do you know if you often install freeware from internet, there would be a possibility that you will get crapware or sometimes also called as foistware. Actually, this crapware or foistware are not dangerous. They just install unwanted program into your PC. However, if you let it so, your hard drive will be full!

To acknowledge it better, you can read SOT’s article:
Knowing Foistware: Installing Certain Software Product forcefully

To avoid it, you can use Ninite, software which is able to install free software directly without adding a crapware or foistware. However, the best step for sure is: Be careful when you click!


3. Maintain your PC or Laptop well

Three New Year Resolutions for PC Users

If you’re an undergraduate students or workers who working online much, then you will need your PC or laptop support much. Because this is your main weapon, so make sure you keep it!

You have to imagine your PC or laptop as a cute idol girl, which you should always keep. Even you can give a pretty name to your PC or laptop to encourage you in maintaining it!

For you who use laptop, you need to read this article:
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By creating such realistic resolution, which possibly applied, it means you crete a further step forwared for the next year. Although it seems trivial, but you can prove that by creating resolution and run it, year by year, you’ll be developed into better individual!

Note the resolution in your Evernote, and check it next year, do you successfully establish it!

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