Three Tips About Facebook Photo You Should Find Out

Do you want to be a photographer? Have you ever taken a good picture with your friends when you were taking a walk and upload it to Facebook? If it’s yes, you should upload all your photos, at least with HD quality and add location where you took picture.

But now Facebook had changed their display and system, so that not many people know where features such as uploading HD photo, add photo location, and also view the photo in full screen.


But don’t worry since PG will discuss about those three subjects:


View photo in Full Screen


When you opened big resolution photo in Facebook, surely the picture displayed won’t be as big as the real resolution. The photo with big resolution, commonly is reunion photo, birthday photo, graduation, and still many more. Surely you wanted to see your friends faces who were enjoying their graduation or party event, but, since the picture displayed is not as big as its resolution, you must feel disappointed.

Do you want to know how to view photo in Facebook displayed in full screen? It’s so easy, you just have to go to the upper right of the photo and press “Enter Full Screen”. If you’ve satisfied viewing photo you displayed in full screen, you can press Esc to come out from full screen display.


Uploading photo with HD quality


You’ve just received a tips to view high resolution photo by Full Screen, now you’ll get tips about how to upload photo with HD quality. To be able to load photo with HD quality, you just need to open one album from your photo album or you can create new album, after that, you just have to click on Add Photos, then there would be a pop up menu to upload a picture, tick on “High Quality” feature.


Add location to photo


You want to add location or map in photo you love? Surely it’s not difficult. You can add just by one click. Just go to photo which you wanted to add its location, and also place where you took the picture.


By those three tips about Facebook photo above, I hope your ‘Facebook knowledge’ will develop :D.

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