Tips to Copy, Move or Create File Shortcut in Windows

For Windows user, to copy, move, or create file shortcut, you’re already familiar with such activities. You can use your keyboard or mouse to do those three activities. You can also use Teracopy software to copy, move or create shortcut. However, there’s another way you probably haven’t found out to do such thing.

To copy, move and create file shortcut, in fact there’s a rule! How the file can be moved, copied, and created their shortcuts, SOT will explain it step by step for you, here is the explanation:

  • Have you ever intent to move a file, then you slide file to other folder but the file then copied intentionally? It will happens if the file you move into other disk petition. For example, you drag file from c:\users\downloads\ to d:\data\, then you’ll copy the file and the original one is in disk C.
  • For other case, just like you copying file, but what happen is, you move it. It happens because you do drag and drop in the same disk partition, for example you do drag and drop file from folder c:\users\downloads\ to c:\users\my video\ then the file will be moved into my video folder.
  • If you do drag and drop from file or application to start menu or taskbar, then you’ll create shortcut menu.

Tips to Copy, Move or Create File Shortcut in Windows

Tips to Copy, Move or Create File Shortcut in Windows

What way you’d probably haven’t found out? Here’s the way:

  • To move file, press and hold Shift and use mouse to drag the file. You can move to all disk partition and it doesn’t limit in the same disk partition.
  • To copy file, press and hold Ctrl button and use mouse to drag file to other folder.
  • To create Shortcut, hold Alt button and drag the file into partition, folder or other place.

If you have any other trick or tips about copy, move and create shortcut in Windows, you can leave it in comment column below. I hope tips and tricks above would be useful ^^


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