10 Ways to Keep a Laptop Durability Better

Laptop is an electronic items needed nowadays, especially by students, undergraduate students, and workers. Damage in laptop could disturb the user’s productivity, mess workings, lost data, etc. The strange thing is, one of the most famous laptop companies in Korea stated that 68% of laptop damage caused by wrong usage and maintenance. That’s why SOT will give you Ten Ways to keep Laptop durability better, which will avoid early damage in your laptop.

Ways to Keep a Laptop Durability Better

1. Avoid downloading unclear security freeware

There are many freeware spread in the internet. Many of them are useful, but many of them also cause serious problems in our laptop. First of all, scan the free programs you’ve downloaded before you installed it, since virus, worms, and other threats often use freeware as their spreading media.

2. Don’t put laptop in your lap when using it

Avoid using laptop when you use it since laptop ventilation can be closed and cause overheat in laptop. It cause laptop’s lifespan would be reduce significantly.

3. Always keep the laptop clean

If a small dust come into laptop, it would cause serious damage. Dust could cause corrotion in laptop metal connector and has potential to cause short circuit in laptop. If it is happened… hmm.. bye bye laptop…

4. Don’t use laptop upon a soft surface

Carpet, sofa, and bed is a favorite place we often use as surface when playing the laptop. But don’t you know that laptop got heat immediately if it is used upon a soft surface ? it because laptop’s ventilation would be clogged so the hot air from laptop couldn’t be transferred out. If you will use laptop on those soft places, make sure you will give hard mat below the laptop to avoid laptop’s ventilation being closed.

5. Use stabilizer

If you are using laptop without battery often, then use stabilizer to avoid your laptop broken because of sudden change of electrical currents.

6. Get Rest your laptop for several minutes

If your tasks or assignment piled up, often your laptop work hard all night. Get your laptop a rest every 15 – 20 minutes after several hours before you use it again to keep your laptop’s condition optimal.

7. Don’t bring laptop in messy ways

Be careful when you bring your laptop. Avoid it from scratch or even falling when you bring it.

8. Don’t drink, put a beverage or other liquid materials beside your laptop

Drink or putting a liquid material beside your laptop can be risky. The liquid material could be accidentally spilled up on the laptop and make your laptop crashed, even completely off.

9. Don’t put anything between keyboard and laptop screen

Make sure you don’t put anything between laptop’s keyboard because if you forgot and close the laptop, it would probably make serious scratch on laptop’s screen.

10. Don’t ever try to disassemble the laptop yourself

Except for you who already familiar with hardware conncection in your laptop, SOT suggest you not to disassemble the laptop yourself. Laptop is a troubled device. One small mistake could cause a fatal error to your laptop lifespan and condition. If one thing happens to your laptop, the most wise response is by bringing it to official service center for the laptop.

Those are the tenth way to keep laptop’s durability better. Do you have another additional tips? Feel free to share it in SOT’s comment column below.

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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