What is the importance of Data Backup? 7 Reason why Backup can be So Important

What is the importance of Data Backup? 7 Reason why Backup can be So Important

Today is World data backup day, and SpyOnTech really suggest you to backup your important data right now! But probably some of you questioned, what is the importance of data backup? The data is already stored in hard disk? Moreover, my hard disk is still new, so, why do I should backup my data? What a waste!

If you doubt the importance of backup, here SpyOnTech will give you 7 reasons why backup is important.

Time is worth

Talking about data, it means talking about time. A data, even only has 100 Kb size, the value can be dozens, even hundreds of work hours.

For example, if you’re a students who work on thesis. Imagine a situation like this: you’ve already worked your thesis for hundreds hours, sit in front of your computer while thinking, editing, typing, etc.

Then after hundreds hours struggling, your hard disk is damaged, and your thesis document disappear. It means you’re not only lose document which can be only a few megabytes, but you have lost hundreds hours time you spent to work on it.

Doing backup routinely probably takes time, but losing hundreds hours of work wasting your time than doing backup which often only need a few hours.

Hard work is valuable

Almost similar with time, hard work is also valuable. Commonly, important data is produced by not a small efforts. Thinking, resuming, typing, etc. all of them need huge efforts and thought. Losing those data means you lose your efforts and hard work.

Money is worth

Talking from business perspective, data is identical with income, cost and all of them are money. Losing important data means losing business chance, business partner data, business prospect, even trust from superior.

Hard disk can be damaged anytime

Remember what suggested by SpyOnTech:

Buying new hard disk is buying a hard disk which-would-be-damaged

It’s true that by sophisticated recent technology, computer component, including hard disk, could last longer. But it doesn’t guarantee that the new hard disk would have no problem.

Various things such as production mistake, climate condition, shock, stability, electricity, etc can make your hard disk damage before the time. It can be next year, next week or tomorrow.

So, before you lose your important data because of that, doing backup process is a wise decision.

Virus is everywhere

It is common to be found, a virus which works by erasing or damaging various data with certain extension, for example Blackmal virus which is able to erase about 11 type of file extensions in hard disk.

Because of many users, Windows became the main target from virus creator. That’s why backing up data is an important step to secure data from file-erasing-virus like this.

Disaster could come at anytime

Although we expect there would be no disaster upon us, but various disaster like fire, flood, earthquake, etc cannot be predicted. Flood in Jakarta for example, able to damage computer and various components inside it, including hard disk. If your computer is damage because of disaster, and we never do any backup, then losing important data will contribute into larger loss.

Stealing can be happened to anyone

Although we never want it, stealing risk can attack anyone. It’s possible our laptop or computer will be gone, stolen by irresponsible person. If it is happened, at least our important data wouldn’t be lost because we actively do backup previously.

Those are seven reasons which according to SpyOnTech will make backup process so important to be done.

Still thinking that backup process is such a wasting time?

Think about time, hard work, cost, and various loss you can get by the lost important data. SpyOnTech is sure that your loss which caused by those various important data would be larger than time you spent to backup your data routinely.

Still lazy to do backup?

No reason to be lazy doing backup, since backing up data is not difficult, even it can be done automatically. How to do that? SpyOnTech will explain it later in the next article. Keep in touch and stay tuned with SpyOnTech!

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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