#GeekLesson: What meant by Software Open Source??

Hearing Open Source, it sounds familiar for you. For example Linux in Computer and Android in mobile. However, do you know the real meaning of Open Source?? Why the software is called as Open Source? Is it useful for you? This time SOT will discuss everything about Open Source in this article. If you want to know more about Open Source, follow this SOT’s article.


What is Open Source Software?

#GeekLesson: What meant by Software Open Source??

If you download a software, you will get installer with executable format or .EXE. this executable file the one which consisted of hundreds, even thousands source code which are already processed. When source code is finished and arranged into executable file, you won’t see the source code anymore. You’ll see the end of program.

What about open source software? Actually it is the same as we discuss previously. But source code published by open source commonly can be obtained and changed (developed) by public. Meanwhile, software which is not open source, its freeware and shareware are not shared for public


How can a Software called as Open Source?

#GeekLesson: What meant by Software Open Source??

Imagine when you want to buy a new house with its furniture. Probably you won’t realize the place of electricity, water pipe, wood structure, and many more. If you want to fix the house or add a little bit electricity, you won’t be able to do it. You don’t have access to do all of them, whereas you already bought the house.

It is similar when you install software and you don’t have access for source code. When there’s bug or other things error, you should wait update report from developer. While open source code is not like that. You can fix it by yourself if you have programming skill. You can change or fix it as you like, just like Linux with various distro.


What is benefit in using Open Source?

#GeekLesson: What meant by Software Open Source??

You probably ask, even if you cannot do programming, what benefit you can do by using open source? There are many benefits like:

Building community

When source code is published, there would be many programmers would try to renew or fix it. The better the program, the more their users and it would create a community. For example, you can see Ubuntu.

Open Source os faster

What meant by Open source is faster? Faster here is in fixing the bug cleaner. In front of thousands eyes who monitor open source software, there would be many people find a bug. Meanwhile, software which will be given by company should wait the workers to find bugs and fix it, then releases the update version.

There are more versions

Do you have any idea bout how many Linux distro? Do you know Google send Google Chrome made from open source Chromium? When there’s someone do project and fix the open source software by his own idea, there would be more product from the open source community.


There are many benefits from Open Source. How about your opinion about open source? Surely everyone has different opinion. If you have opinion about benefits of using open source, leave something in comment column.

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