3 Simple Changes to Make Your Windows 7 Better

Actually, Windows 7 is very efficient to set up. It doesn’t need a lot of customization like other previous versions of Windows. However, there is a small few option that, if changed, could make your Windows 7 better. These simple changes are very easy to do. I notice there are 3 simple changes that could make your Windows 7 better:

1. Change the Virtual Memory Paging File Size.

Windows 7 uses your hard disk space as a virtual memory to boost it’s performance when your computer lack of physical memory. This virtual memory file also known as the paging file. By default, Windows 7 manage the virtual memory ( paging file ) size automatically. It means, the virtual memory size can grow and shrink automatically. It could cause several problems on your hard disk, like slowing down your files and data access.

To solve those problems, simply change the auto manage virtual memory size by following these steps below:

Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System

Click Advanced System Settings. There will a System Properties dialog box opened, go to Advanced Tab and click on Settings.

3 Simple Changes to Make Your Windows 7 Better

Go to Advanced tab and click on Change button.

3 Simple Changes to Make Your Windows 7 Better

Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” option. Then select “Custom size” option. Set the initial size and maximum size based on the recommended paging file size.

3 Simple Changes to Make Your Windows 7 Better

2. Reduce the number of Autorun programs.

Autorun or mostly known as startup programs are programs that automatically running every time you start your PC. Reducing the number of startup programs is very important to make Windows start up process run faster.

Go to “Start” and type MSConfig in the search box.

Open Startup tab, then deselect software that you don’t want to run on Windows startup.

Reduce the number of Autorun programs

Note: Never deselect your antivirus or any security programs.

3. Move your files away from Windows Installation.

By default, Windows 7 located your files and folders on their installation drive. My Documents, My Pictures, and other folders always located on the same partition as the Windows Installation. I recommend you to keep your files separated with Windows installation drive. To do this, simply move your files into another partition.

On the Start menu, click your name on the top right box.

Move your files away from Windows Installation

Cut all folders EXCEPT Desktop folder, then paste them on another disk partition.

3 Simple Changes to Make Your Windows 7 Better

This keep your files and documents safe, even when your Windows 7 system get a trouble.

Those 3 simple changes above let you to get a better experience while using Windows 7 operating system They are really simple but powerful changes.

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