4 Free Windows 8 Themes to Create Windows 8 Display in Your Computer

Windows 8 is not officially released yet, but there are so many people who impatiently want to try it. As reported often, Windows 8 appears with “Start Screen” feature which is equipped with Tile. This tile is in form of widget or shortcut you accessed often. Here is the Start Screen display in Windows 8:


Start Screen is really useful to access software, application, or web (Facebook, Twitter, Email) fast.

If you want to taste how does it feel using Windows 8, you can use one of these 4 Free Windows 8 themes:

1. Windows 8 Start Screen


This Windows 8 theme is made by dncube, one of the DevianArt member. Windows 8 Start Screen is able to change your Windows XP, Vista, and 7 just like Windows 8 display. Features for Windows 8 Start Screen are:

– Socialite to display Facebook
– Teet@rama to display Twitter
– News Tile to display the latest news
– Weather Tile to display weather
– Picstream Flickr Tile to display your photo collection in Flickr
– Gmail Tile to display your latest email
And there are many more features

This Windows 8 Start Screen includes into simple Windows 8 theme, easy to be installed, and quite light You can download this Windows 8 theme here. (12 MB)

Download Windows 8 Start Screen
Homepage Windows 8 Start Screen

2. Omnimo + Rainmeter


Omnimo is Windows 8 theme which is inspired from Windows Phone 7. Omnimo is able to change your Windows display into productive and interactive Windows 8 display. Omnimo can also be modified as you wish.

However, in order to use Omnimo, in your computer should be installed Rainmeter first. Follow this manual to get Windows 8 display in your PC.

a. Download and Install Rainmeter

Download Rainmeter

b. Download and extract Omnimo Suite Skin

Download Omnimo

c. Double click on Setup.rmskin file and install it as the guide displayed
d. You can also download more than 60 panel package to beautify Omnimo display.

Download 60 Omnimo Panel packages

The pros of this Omnino + Rainmeter is many theme selections beside Windows 8 theme.


Homepage Omnimo

Homepage Rainmeter

3. Newgen


Newgen is one of the best Windows 8 theme I’ve ever used. This Windows 8 theme is equipped with various button in the right panel.

The Newgen’s advantage is a feature to add tile as you wish. Just click on the right panel then select “Pin Application” or “Pin Website” to insert your favorite software or website.

Newgen features are:

– Supporting HTML widget
– It’s able to add Tile as you wish
– It can be modified
– It can be exchanged from one application to another application fast.
– It is able to play video, music, or watch photos without opening its files.
– It is able to display Tweet, Email and weather report in your region.

Download Newgen

Homepage Newgen

In order to use Newgen, There should be Microsoft .Net Framework 4 installed in your computer.

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 4

4. Pulmon


Pulmon is a simple Windows 8 theme freeware. You just have to download then extract it. After that, run Pulmon.exe and you can display typical Tile of Windows 8. Pulmon has been equipped with various Tile, such as:

– User to access user account fast
– Control Panel
– Shutdown Manager
– Internet Explorer
– Webby to access website fast
– Custom Widget
– Clipboard Manager
– Start Menu Launcher
– Calendar
– Storage

You can download Pulmon here

Download Pulmon

Homepage Pulmon

There is one interesting fact which this Pulmon maker are 13 years old children! Fantastic!

Now, though Windows 8 has not been released yet, you can feel Windows 8 feature and display. I hope these four free Windows 8 themes above would be benefit for you.

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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