6 Tips and Trick For IE9 Browser Users

Browser is one of the most needed application in a PC, Notebook and even cell phone. There are some popular browser, they are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and IE. If you’re Internet Explorer 9 user, here are tips and tricks to make you easier in using it:

1. PIN website you loved to Taksbar

If you use Windows 7, you can PIN the website you like. So you can open it fast via Taskbar. It can be considered as bookmark method in a browser:D. Do you want to know how?


Here I will do PIN to my favorite site to my Taskbar, after the site is opened, slide tab into the Taskbar, PIN will be successfully done.


If you need PIN to Facebook site, you’ll see notification. If you right-click on your Facebook PIN, there would be other Facebook menus inside it, such as News, Message, Event dan Friends.


2. Status Load Time Add-On

If you use many Add-on in Internet Explorer 9 surely when you open IE9, it would be slower. But if you want to make IE faster when it’s opened, you can erase Add-on which made it slow. How to see Add-on which made IE slower is quite simple, you just have to open Setting->Manage Add-ons->Toolbars and Extensions. There are so many details from Add-on name you installed, add-on maker, status, including Load Time Add-on. If you have found the old Add-on, quickly disabled those Add-ons.



3. Enable Accelerators Menu

Internet Explorer with Accelerators menu makes possible for you to send email with Hotmail, searching by Bing, and translating with Bing Translate. In Accelerators menu, you can also add Accelerators. To find where accelerators menu is so easy, you will just have to click on Setting-> Manage Add-ons->Accelerators. After that, you can remove Accelerators you don’t need, add Accelerators, or activate and turn off Accelerators.


To use Accelerators you’ve installed, you will just have to right-click on content.


4. You can manage in default search engine you use

Sometimes our browser is not automatically run, or it can be said when we install a software, sometimes our search engine changed constantly. By using IE9, we don’t have to worry it would be happened. You can decide search engine you state. The way is by click on Setting->Manage Add-ons->Search Provider. Here you can add, erase, and manage default Search Provider you used.



5. Reopen Closed Tabs

By using Reopen Closed Tabs feature, you can open the tab you’ve just closed. By this way, you don’t have to lose information which you incidentally closed. How to use Reopen Closed Tabs feature is by clicking on active Tabs and I choose Reopen Closed Tabs.


Actually, other browsers also have this feature, but the way provided by IE9 is so simple.


6. InPrivate Browsing Feature

If you don’t want to store history, cookies, and other temporary internet file, so let’s use InPrivate Browsing feature. To activate InPrivate Browsing, you’d just have to right click on IE icon on Taskbar and chose Start InPrivate Browsing.
So, do you want to try using IE right now?



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