Cool, Funny, and Cute Animal Wallpaper for Desktop and Smartphone

Among heavy work in front of the computer, sometimes makes me so bored. To overcome this boring, I change my desktop into unique, funny, and cute things. Now I want to share my desktop and cell phone wallpaper to evict your boring:

Angel Bunny


Angel Bunny is a wallpaper made by Episode from Devianart. In Devianart, this wallpaper is wellknown as “Carrot NOW!”. This rabbit is very funny, isn’t it? :).


Selective-Color Cat


Selective-Color Cat also came from Devianart which made by ChrisHateZ. This Wallpaper actually made just by editing a photo using PhotoShop CS5.


Staffordshire Puppy


Staffordshire Puppy which was made by takacica in Deviantart, so cute, isn’t it? Look how naïve and pure this puppy’s face XD.


X Marks the Spot


For you who hate dog, there’s a cute kitten wallpaper for you. This wallpaper is presented by Sergiu Bacioiu which was shared in Flickr.


Meow Man


Meow Man is also a present from Sergiu Bacioiu which was shared in Flickr.




If you don’t like too much light and colorful wallpaper, so Parfait would be suitable for you.


Sweet Cat


Sweet Cat is a cute wallpaper. Here you’ll get soft wallpaper, not too much light, and not too dark either.


If previously you have got wallpaper for your desktop, now is the time for cell phone users to get their turn.

Fur Coat


If you use smartphone, it would be better to use this funny wallpaper. Fur Coat is a puppy doll covered with soft fur, seems light and comfortable.


Square Monkey


If you like a tranquil wallpaper, you should try Square Monkey. Wallpaper which described brown monkey in light green background is so comfortable to be watched.

Now you can entertain yourself in front of computer by cute wallpapers shared by SOT :D

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