Disturbed by Auto Update Feature? Turned it Off with Update Freezer

It cannot be denied that letting auto update feature of various software to keep active is really important. It related with patch security matters and various new feature which in fact should be tried to be up to date. However, it’s not rare that this auto update feature disturbed us by auto update feature, such as:

1. Our Internet is slow and we don’t want any auto update feature make it slower.

2. We’re not connected with internet and we’re tired with update notification which appeared continuously.

3. We use our volume based internet package and we don’t want any automatic feature run out our internet quota.

4. Tomorrow we’ll do a presentation and we want our computer is still the same as now. We don’t want auto update change any one small thing.

5. various other reasons.

If you also feel disturbed by the auto update feature because of certain reason, you can use Update Freezer to turn off some auto update from several software which you felt as disturbance.

Update Freezer can be used to temporary turn off auto update features until the time you have decided by your own. You can turn off or on auto update features of some software as you wish.

auto update features software which you can manage are:

  • Auto update Adobe Acrobat & Reader
  • Auto update Adobe Flash
  • Auto update Firefox
  • Auto update Google
  • Auto update Java
  • Auto update Skype
  • Auto update Windows

Why only software above? Because auto update features are known as “really disturbing” for most people.

Disturbed by Auto Update Feature? Turned it Off with Update Freezer

For example, Firefox, Flash auto update features, they often appear suddenly and force us to close our browser when we enjoyed browsing.

Than tuning off auto update feature of the software one by one, you can turn it off via Update Freezer panel so it will be easier.

This Update Freezer is a free software you can get directly from its main page here:


Now you can manage each auto update features from those software. You don’t need to worry because of disturbed by auto update feature which often come without invitation and do “forcefully action” in one side. I hope it will be useful 


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