Download Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

There’s no doubt that Windows XP once become the most popular operating system in the world. Even various old software we needed often only compatible with Windows XP. If you are Windows 7 user, Microsoft has prepared download link of Windows XP mode for free and legal.

What is Windows XP Mode?
Windows XP Mode is Windows XP you can install and run directly from Windows 7 to overcome software compatibility matter. It just like having Windows XP inside Windows 7.

What are pros and cons of Windows XP Mode?
1. You can install and run various old software which are only compatible with Windows XP only.
2. All software you’ve installed in Windows XP Mode can be run for free from Windows 7 menu.
3. This Windows XP Mode is Free.
What are limitations of Windows XP Mode?
1. Windows XP mode can ONLY be installed under Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 ultimate, or Windows 7 Enterprise operating system.
2. Windows XP mode CANNOT be installed if your Windows 7 is not original.
Here are steps to install Windows XP Mode in your Windows 7:
1. Visit this Microsoft page
2. Select your operating system type and language you want to be used. Then after that, download and install Windows XP mode.


3. After process 2 has finished, go on with downloading and installing Windows Virtual PC


4. After process 3 has finished, go on by updating Windows XP Mode.


5. After that, access Start -> All Programs -> Windows XP Mode and set up Windows XP Mode.


6. Windows XP Mode is ready to be used.


After Windows XP Mode is installed in your Windows 7, you’ve already had Windows XP in Windows 7. All Windows XP software you want to install can be opened directly from Windows 7 start menu.


Interesting, isn’t it? I hope it would be worth for you.

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