How to Activate GodMode in Windows

This time SOT will discuss trick and tips you’d probably never heard or known. SOT received this tips when learning to Yip Man, the Master who taught Bruce Lee… if you know what I mean… This tips called GodMode. What a terrifying name, isn’t it?

How to Activate God Mode in Windows

GodMode is one of hidden feature and secret from windows which is able to create control panel shortcut. So it will make you easier to access setting in Windows. Then why it is called GodMode? Because just by one click, you can access Windows setting. And it really only use one click. It seems simple the result of this tips and trick, but if you curious about how to do it, just follow this tutorial below:

Steps you should follow:

1. First of all, go to desktop, and right-click on empty area. Select New->Folder. It is functioned to create shortcut which will be changed into GodMode.

How to Activate God Mode in Windows

2. After that, rename the folder using name: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

How to Activate God Mode in Windows

3. When you press Enter, magically the folder will change, whether icons and also names.

How to Activate God Mode in Windows

How to Activate God Mode in Windows

By this way, you can quickly open and manage Windows, without using tweak software . you can also delete GodMode without fear of crashing system.


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