How to Use Windows Originated Parental Controls

Computer has many functions and features to help us, whether for work or entertainment. The users also various, started from children to adults. Recently, computer device is quite common for children. Even some are hard to release their computer. Here, parents role is so important in watching their children when they use computer. It is worried that child will open bad content or application in computer.

Windows Parental Controls

To overcome this matter, we can use password in our computer so that our child wouldn’t access computer easily. Unfortunately, this way made our child cannot use computer when we leave the house. Other way to limit access rights is by using parental control. By this way, our child is still able to use computer but the child cannot access dangerous application or content. Even we can limit the usage according to hour.

For further information about how to use or activate it, here is the video. (via JagatReview)


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