Prettify Windows with Skin and Rainmeter Collaboration

Whose eyes will ignore something beautiful (Whoops, I don’t talk about girl ^^). Watching a pretty motorcycle or car in front of us, more or less stunned us, at least made us watch it in a glance. It’s not far difference with Windows desktop appearance. If your Windows desktop is beautiful, I guaranteed you would be more endure working in front of computer. That’s why, SOT today will give information about a software to dress your Windows up beautifully ^^

Software to prettify Windows will be discussed by SOT today is Rainmeter. Not enough with Rainmeter, you also need various cool skin which… excitingly… can be downloaded for free. Collaboration between Rainmeter and skin can be said as great Windows appearance changer. Just watch how the collaboration between Rainmeter and some skins Windows, can prettify your desktop display like this:














Cool, isn’t it?

If you really want to change your desktop look and prettify your Windows appearance, there are two basic things you should have, which are Rainmeter and Custom Skin.

The latest version of Rainmeter can be downloaded directly from the main site here:


While for custom skin, you can get it from some sources.

All custom Skin categories from Devianart (PS: Don’t download it from devianart which page comments are disabled, it has greater risk for virus)

Rainmeter Group in Devianart

Custom Skin from

By collaborating custom skin and Rainmeter, you can prettify your Windows beautifully!

If you don’t have any idea, you can take idea and inspiration from some cool Windows display in Flickr group here:

Rainmeter Desktop Group in Flickr

I hope information above can be useful for you who want to prettify your Windows, also makes you enjoy your work more in front of computer for hours.

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