The Reasons Why Using a Single Partition Hard Disk is Not Recommended

Nowadays, most of the hard drives have a large capacity. If you own a large hard disk capacity on your computer or your laptop, it is better when you create multiple partitions instead of a single big partition. I recommend you have at least 2 partitions on your hard disk, one for your computer system (Windows, installed programs, etc.) and the other for your data and files. I myself always shrink my hard disk drive into 3 partitions: partition for system files (Windows, installed programs, etc.), partition for files and data (music, pictures, documents, etc.) and also partition for backup purpose.

The Reasons Why Using a Single Partition Hard Disk is Not Recommended

There are several advantages of creating multiple partitions on your hard disk drive, such as:

1. You have an ability to format the system partition without affecting your documents. It is useful when you reinstall or upgrade your operating system.
2. It is easier to select backup area for your frequent backups. For example, you can only backup your data without your system and vice versa. It is easier to manage when they are located on the different partition.
3. It is easier for you to maintain your hard disk. Hard disk need maintained regularly, such as defragmenting it. Defragmenting smaller partition would quicker and easier than defragmenting one big partition.
4. You have a better file and directory organization.
5. You have an ability to install multiple operating system. A single huge partition can’t be used to install multiple operating system in dual boot. However, it is still possible for you to create multiple operating system using visualization software, such as VirtualBox or VMWare.
6. You have a more responsive system if your operating system and installed programs located in the different partition with your files, documents and other data. It because partitioned hard disk drives would have a lower drive’s effective access time.
7. You have an ability to protect and isolate your files.

Those 7 reasons make me always create multiple partition on my hard disk drive. I recommend you to shrink your hard disk drive into 3 partitions: System files (Windows, installed programs, etc.), data and files (pictures, documents, etc.) and also backup (Windows installation backup, files and data backup, etc.).

Multiple Partition

If you are new to manage hard disk partitions, then Partition Assistant Professional 3.0 could be a useful software for you. It helps you to manage your hard disk partitions easier.

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