10 Tips to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

One of the advantages of using laptop than desktop computer is, you can use it anytime and anywhere. Laptop battery makes you possible to use laptop for several hours without connected to the electricity. The battery durability depend on lifespan, type and the battery’s energy usage. However, there are some things you can do to save the laptop battery, so it would be last longer. In this article, SOT will give you 10 ways to save your laptop battery so that your laptop battery would have more durability and last longer.

Tips to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer


1. Clean Laptop Regularly

There are so many laptop users who are so lazy to clean their laptop. It is often made the laptop ventilation hole clogged by dust, particles, etc. the clogged ventilation hole will make your laptop heat faster and force your fan to work harder. Surely it will dry your laptop battery faster. To avoid it, make sure you clean laptop, especially in its ventilation.


2. Turn Wireless Card off

Wireless card really dry power up from laptop battery, even when you don’t connect Wi-Fi connection. If it’s not needed, make sure you turn Wireless card off from your laptop.


3. Decrease your screen’s Brightness

Laptop’s brightness take lot of battery power. Decreasing the laptop screen’s brightness, although only one or two levels would make your laptop battery last longer.


4. Use Sleep Mode

Laptop booting process took much battery power. To deal with it, you can use sleep mode when turning off the laptop. When laptop is in sleep mode, laptop uses a low battery energy. All opened files and program would be stored in temporary memory. When you turn it on again, those file and program will be ready to use!. In addition of saving time, this sleep mode will also save battery usage. But remember, this trick would be only effective if you have plan to use laptop several minutes after the laptop turned off. If you want to turn laptop off in long time, use shutdown menu as usual.


5. do Power-Savings setting

Almost each all operating system, there must be a power saving setting menu. Manage all each of power-savings features and suits your needs. For example, when would be the screen off or on, when will the hard disk turn off, etc. correct setting as needed would be able to make your laptop battery last longer.


6. Clean the battery

Battery’s pole often dirty of various dust and trash. It could reduce our battery’s effectivity and efficiency. Clean the battery’s pole by using cotton which is drabbled by cotton with a little bit alcohol.


7. Close Un-Needed Program

Sometimes we often open many unused program. Even probably there are some uneeded process run in background, reducing spam.

We often open many programs we don’t use. Even probably there are various process we didn’t need. Even probably there are some process we didn’t need to run in background. Turning off program and unneeded process would be able to reduce laptop battery usage significantly.


8. Hardisk Defrag

Various un-defragmation (File) which recently fragmented, makes your hard disk work harder. Hard disk should find the spitted menu and merge it again when it is accessed. The result: hard disk will need more battery power. To overcome it, you can do hard disk defrag when laptop doesn’t connect the electricity. Rememebr, don’t do defrag without connecting the electricity. Defrag process need more ower and it would dry your laptop battery in short time.


9. Plug USB device out

Make suer you plug out USB device you don’t need. For example, you copied file from flashdisk or external hard disk, plug the device after copying file. Each USB device need power and it can dry your laptop battery up.


10. Avoid using CD/DVD

CD/DVD-ROM thirst of battery power. If you don’t need it, it would be better for you not to use CD/DVD-ROM. Also make sure there’s no CD/DVD left in CD/DVD-ROM although you don’t use it.


Those are 10 ways to save laptop battery to make it durable and last longer. Hope with those 10 tips above, you can use your laptop with longer duration.

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