Windows 7 Basic Tools You Ought to Know

Inside the Windows 7 system, there are 5 basic tools that really important to explore. These tools help you to maintain your Windows 7 to its top-notch performance. These are 5 Windows 7 basic tools you ought to know:

1. Action Center

Action center is represented by small flag on Windows 7 taskbar. While there are some messages or notifications, there will a small x on Action Center icon. Action Center contains any important messages and notifications that easy to miss. It gives several basic tips, reminder and messages such as remind you to updates your Windows, remind you to update your antivirus, remind you to create a backup image, etc.

Action Center

When there are some things wrong with your Windows 7, the operating system stores all information about these errors in Action Center. Action Center helps you to know about your Windows 7 condition in a real time.

2. Windows Update

Windows is a very popular operating system worldwide, so it is a huge target for hackers and criminals. To protecting you from Windows 7 vulnerability, Windows 7 built in with Windows update center. Windows Update is the most important basic tool in Windows 7. It allows you to get service pack, security patches, etc. Windows update help you to stay protected from virus attacks, malware attacks, hacking attacks, incompatibility issues, out-of-date drivers, and other Windows vulnerabilities.

Windows Update

3. Windows Firewall

Even there are a lot of third-party firewall for Windows, actually Windows offer a basic firewall protection feature called Windows Firewall. Windows Firewall will keep you safe from anything or anyone who tries to access your computer without your permission. I recommend you to always protect your computer using Firewall, whether it’s Windows Firewall or third-party firewall for Windows.

Windows Firewall

4. Windows Defender

Although I don’t recommend you to use Windows Defender as your single security software, but it is useful enough if you don’t have third-party security software yet. Windows Defender is Windows internal anti-spyware and anti-malware It will protect you from spyware and malware attacks. To keep your computer secure, I recommend you to install a second anti-malware and anti-spyware software such as MalwareBytes’ Anti Malware or Spyware Terminator.

Windows Defender

The most important you should to know is that Windows doesn’t have built in antivirus software, so you must install third-party antivirus software. My favorite free antivirus software is Avast Free Edition.

5. Legacy Program Compatibility

Windows has Program Compatibility Assistant feature that allows you to install incompatible software on Windows 7. This incompatible software might the older software that only supports previous version of Windows. This feature doesn’t mean that you can install any software on Windows 7, but it helps you to install any incompatible software as best as possible. Some of them will work correctly, and some others won’t.

Legacy Program Compatibility

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