7 Tips Maximize Windows 8 Performance

Hearing Windows 8, I supposed you’ve already familiar about it, Modern Windows display, Modern Windows applications, also Start Screen. Those features are the latest features for Windows 8. For you who have already familiar using Windows, you must be a little bit disturbed by some features which are erased from previous Windows into Windows 8.

For you who have already feel comfortable using old version of Windows, but still installing Windows 8, this time SOT will give you some tips so you still feel Classic Windows inside Windows 8. Besides, SOT will also give tips so you will master Windows 8 more, for example, accessing menu using keyboard shortcut.


Turning off Ribbon

7 Tips Maximize Windows 8 Performance

Windows Explorer in Windows 8 has been replaced by File Manager. The truth is, it’s only a name change and some additional features. The usage is still the same, which is arranging file. There’s a new display you can find in this File Manager, which is Ribbon. By this Ribbon, it’s clearer for option. But if you just want to see files, surely it will take space in your monitor display. To inactivate or turn Ribbon off, click on arrow on upper right corner or use Ctrl+F1 keyboard shortcut.


Turn Live Tile Off

7 Tips Maximize Windows 8 Performance

Windows 8 is famous with their Windows 8 Modern apps, you can find it in Start Screen. It is a place to access installed Windows 8 Modern applications. Sometimes, there’s an icon from application which would be interesting to be seen by you. This application is equipped with live tile. This live tile will be active if there’s a new email, event calendar, new message, weather, news, sports, and many more. If you feel disturbed about it, you can turn it off. Just by right click on one of the application, then select Turn live tile off.


Add Start Menu

7 Tips Maximize Windows 8 Performance

One of the lost features in Windows 8 is Start Menu, whereas Start Menu has been appeared for a very long time, and Windows users are already used to it. There are so many software to bring Start Menu back in Windows 8, some of them are:

  • Power8
  • StartW8
  • StartIsBack
  • IObit StartMenu8

Access Power User Tools

7 Tips Maximize Windows 8 Performance

If you don’t want to use Start Menu, you can use Access Power User Tools. This Access Power User Tools is a tools menu which is similar as control panel. You can find it easily by direct your mouse cursor on below left corner and right click on it.


Erasing Lock Screen

7 Tips Maximize Windows 8 Performance

Lock Screen probably seemed good on Windows 8 Tablet, but for desktop and laptop user? It is probably disturbing a bit. If you use Windows 8 Tablet, then you have to click on unlock button. For desktop and laptop user, you should insert your username and password. To turn Lock Screen off, you can use StartOnDesktop software.


Turning Snap Features Off

Just like Windows 7, Windows 8 also have Snap feature. You will find snap when you slide the application on the upper right or left corner of your desktop. Not just right and left, up and below part are also available. It will help you to manage the application position. In addition of move the application, you can also use Win+arrow shortcut.

7 Tips Maximize Windows 8 Performance

To turn Snap feature off, you can visit Ease of Access Center, click on Win+U then click on Make the mouse easier to use option. Then tick on the Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen check box.


Using Keyboard Shortcut

By using keyboard shortcut, you can do all things faster than usual. For example when you access Charm bar, using the common way, then you have to put your mouse into the corner. But if you use keyboard shortcut, then you just have to click on Win+C. To view a complete keyboard shortcut, please read SOT’s article: List of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut.


Yes. Those are 7 tips SOT gave so you can maximize your Windows 8 usage more. If you want to add tips above, just leave some comments below.

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