7 Awesome Things from Windows 8

7 Awesome Things from Windows 8

Windows 8 which is already released on previous August 2012, has some awesome features, and probably some of Windows users got impressed and some others disappointed. If you can be included as person who disappointed by Windows 8 features, SpyOnTech will tell you what great from Windows 8, so you won’t be disappointed anymore by the appearance of the latest Windows, which is Windows 8.



Windows 8 has special trick which produce amazing booting speed. Some people have seen booting ability has decreased from 15 to 20 seconds in some hardware. Basically, Windows 8 do “Hibernate” not turning off hardware, so booting speed increases rapidly. Some new Windows 8 PC use UEFI which made its booting speed faster than using BIOS old style.


Copy File

7 Awesome Things from Windows 8

Copy File is a common thing for computer users, Windows 8 has good features, display, and performance to copy file. New Windows 8 features make you possible to Start or Pause or even stopping the copy file process fast. Besides, you can also see what file has been copied, so it would be easier to manage conflicted files. For display in Windows dialog copy, when you clicked on “More Details” there would be copy file speed graphic displayed.


Task Manager

7 Awesome Things from Windows 8

Task Manager also has new appearance and feature, for example Startup menu which made you easier to set program when Startup. There’s also some colors differ program performance, darker the process color, then the program performance will consume more memory. Besides, Task Manager is also able to group running performance from applications. There is also online searching feature when you see a suspicious program performance.


File Explorer

It seems like Windows Explorer also overhauled by Microsoft, new display and features also added for this Windows 8, even the name is changed into File Explorer. From its appearance, you can see ribbon like Microsoft Office above File Explorer. Some people hate ribbon, but do you know that ribbon is more helping for you? For example when you see a hidden file, you just have to go to View menu and click on Show Hidden to display or hide it.

7 Awesome Things from Windows 8

File Explorer also makes you possible to open ISO or VHD file without using additional software. Ribbon will also disappear when you click on one of its menu after using it.


Refresh and Remove

7 Awesome Things from Windows 8

Windows 8 has refresh device ability, so you don’t have to do re-install just like you creating system image and make Windows fresh again. Or you want to sell your computer? You can use Remove feature which made you possible to erase file and setting in Windows just like the first time it is out of store. These Refresh and Remove menu can be found in Metro Change PC Setting application.


Long Lasting Battery Power

Low level system in Windows 8 makes tablet or portable computer battery last longer than using other Windows version. By eliminating Aero feature, it also makes the same result in laptop battery power.



There’s also improving security in Windows 8. it is proven by Microsoft by adding some congenital antivirus installation in Windows 8. This antivirus is Windows Defender. Windows Defender actually was Windows Security Essentials which its name has changed. It surely will help user who has no experience in using Windows before, but you can easily turn it off and installing your preferable antivirus.

7 Awesome Things from Windows 8

Secure Boot also gives protection from rootkit and hijack in startup process, it happens when you use PC with UEFI, and not BIOS. In PC Intel x86, you can turn Secure Boot off or add some buttons to activate Secure Boot in UEFI firmware. After Secure Boot off, you can install Linux OS in your PC. Then the point is, Secure Boot is functioned to lock ARM processor in computer which uses Windows RT.

Microsoft also adds SmartScreen which will help you to avoid malware attack when downloading or installing software.


What do you think? Interested to migrate into Windows 8?

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