How to Set Start Screen Tile in Windows 8

Have you just used Windows 8? I’m sure that you confuse with main interface named Start Screen. Metro UI design made the application form in square or people call it as ‘tile’. It made you no longer familiar with Windows, since it’s clearly different from the previous Windows version. Windows 8 is a new innovation from Microsoft this year.

For you who got confuse about how to manage Tile Start screen display in Windows 8, this time SOT will teach you how to resize, remove, and grouping your tile start screen for you.

How to Resize the Start Screen Tile

There are two options you can choose to resize Start screen Tile in Windows 8, the first is by square, and the second is rectangle. To choose one of this resize, you just have to right click on one of the Start screen Tile. Then, below it, there will be toolbar contained unpin, uninstall and smaller or large. Choose smaller or large to resize thee Start screen Tile size.

How to Set Start Screen Tile in Windows 8

If you feel disturbed and don’t need live information from one application in start Screen, you can also turn the information off. You’d just have to select Turn live tite on.

How to Set Start Screen Tile in Windows 8


How to Move Start Screen Tile

You want to move applications you needed in start screen? But you don’t know how to move Start screen Tile? It’s so easy, you’d just have to left-click and hold a few moment in the application. Then you can move it by drag and drop.

How to Set Start Screen Tile in Windows 8


How to Create Start Screen Tile Group

You have so many Metro UI application which goes unmanaged in Windows 8? Do you want to group it so it would be easier to be found and seems neat? Actually, there’s a way to manage the Start Screen Tile for each group is so easy. How? You just have to left click and hold one of the application you wanted to group, then left click and hold in one application you want to group it. Then drag it into screen part which has no application until there’s a limiter. Then you can get a new group.

How to Set Start Screen Tile in Windows 8


It’s easy to manage Start Screen Tile in Windows 8, isn’t it? If you need other tips and trick about Windows 8, you can see it in Windows 8 Tutorial.

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