10 Benefits of Listening Music

SOT is sure all of you love music. This is one of artwork which is widely accepted in society. Don’t you know that music surely have benefits for your personal life? Probably now you just listening music for fun, but when you know further about this music benefits, SOT is sure you’ll love more music listening activity.

That’s why, this time SOT will discuss about 10 benefits of listening music you surely need to be paid attention so you wouldn’t view music listening activity just as trivial activity for fun.



Benefits of Listening Music

Music has painkiller ability by releasing endorphin which acted as natural painkiller. That’s why in heavy crowded concert, the concert goers are rare feeling pain when got trampled and sandwiched – all people in exciting cried out calling their idols – it because endorphin is on its peak.

According to medical journal, listening music daily will reduce chronic pain to 21%. Research also shows that listening music regularly made a person would be able to control his/her pain, reducing depression, and make him/her avoid their limited physical condition, for example weak or sleepy


Reducing Stress

Benefits of Listening Music

Stress is associated with many disease, including some mental illness appeared in person who had high level stress. In research done, subject is asked to listen calm music for half an hour twice a day. The subject shows decreasing stress and anxiety.

If you want a calming music reference, you probably could search for it in Stereomood which is able to play music as your mood recently.


Benefits for Cardiovascular

Benefits of Listening Music

Listening an appropriate music would be able to help someone reducing their heart rate and blood pressure. As a result of blood pressure decreasing, stroke risk and other health problem will also be reduced. In research done in Italia, researcher found that people with hypertension (high blood pressure) who listening classical music , Celtic, or traditional music for 30 minutes a day in one month would have significant blood pressure reducing. Good music will help you to calm cells and network which made your lungs to breathes better and normalize heart-rate.

To measure heart rate and analyze it, you can use 1-2-3 Blood Pressure which once reviewed by SOT.


Damaging Brain Cells

Benefits of Listening Music

Research shows that listening music with strong beat would be able to stimulate brainwave to resonance with the beat, faster beat created sharper concentration and aware thought. In other side, listening calming classical music will bring you peace and bring you into meditative phase. Classical music will also produce comfort and increasing creativity.

If you want to improve your brain performance, you need to read 3 free tools to improve brain performance . In addition of listening music, you need to pay attention for other tips from SOT to get smarter.


Improving Performance in Sports

Benefits of Listening Music

Listening music when exercising will effect to performance and your sport commitment. Music will divert your attention to repetitive sport and ignore tiring and boring. Music could also be a stimulant to improve your performance.

According to research in 2005, listening music while exercising will improve weight reducing and help a person who’s exercising to be consistent. When doing sport, you can use RunKeeperPro which is able to use well in iPhone, iPad, and Android to support jogging activity you are doing.


Sleep Better

Benefits of Listening Music

Listening music will trigger us to enter into deep sleep. Sleeping will make your body healthier and bring you further from stress effect, depression and anxiety.

If you want to know the exact time to sleep, you can use sleepyti.me service to make you healthier by sleeping regularly supported by calming music.


Improving Optimism

Benefits of Listening Music

Depression will bring you to weakness, headache, confusion and lack of concentration. Music can be done to defend mind positive condition, helping to bring you further from depression. Music will also improve your confidence and self-worth.

If you’re working, music is able to support your work which support your mood so you can work in unoptimal body and soul condition.


Helping to Cure Cancer

Benefits of Listening Music

Research shows that music bring benefits to overcome cancer. Music will reduce anxiety when patient accepted radiation therapy, also erasing vomit and nausea when a patient received high dose of kemotherapy.

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Helping to Socialize

Benefits of Listening Music

Music is a cool way to spend time when gathering. Perform in a band, karaoke, or just hanging out talking music is a fun activity. If you’re interested to get a friend from music, you can join with last.fm, the biggest music fan site all over the world.


Helping Health in Spiritual Way

Benefits of Listening Music

There’s a unique relationship between music and spirituality. Certain music help someone to pray and help bringing them closer to Almighty God.

You can also try a calm rhythm to help you meditating, just like using rain sound in RainyMood.


Those are the benefits of listening music. After reading the article, surely it can be understood that music is not only fun activity, but it also brings benefits for ourselves. As technology user, how you enjoy music? Surely you can use online or software audio player for you to listen music in better experience!

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