11 Handphone with Unique Design From Nokia

Recenlty, almost handphone needed has similar desing or look alike. Even since it’s so look alike, all smartphone producers not try to creatively patented their hand phone design. Not surprising if there are so many rights dispute which sometimes happened related with design of a hand phone product.

It is different and not good if you compare it with 10 years ago. Nokia which is the number one hand phone producer at that time has completely unique and creative design. They provided various unique and different designs for their consumers from time to time. From so many Nokia’s handphone, there are 11 handphone with unique, extraordinary, and attractive design.

Nokia 7600

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

This Handphone firstly launched in 2003. This Nokia 7600 has unique square design with rounded corner. On the middle, this hand phone provided screen with resolution 128 x 160 pixel and support 65 thousands color.

Nokia 6800

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

The next unique design from Nokia was 6800. This Handphone has numeric keypad which can be turned 90 degrees to create a hand phone with QWERTY keyboard. Besides, this handphone screen is also equipped with 90 degrees rotation ability to make the user easier.

Nokia N93

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

Nokia N93 which was launched in 2006 was the first generation of N-Series from Nokia. This cell phone provided video recording ability just like using camcoder. Unfortunately, this handphone camera was only 3.15MP.

Nokia 7370

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

Next is Nokia 7370. This Handphone provides 180 degrees screen to display keypad below. Besides, this handphone also looks beautiful with flower design. But this handphone has standard screen resolution: 240 x 320 pixels.

Nokia 5700

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

Express Music, Nokia 5700 brand also appeared with unique design. This cell phone has body which is able to turn 180 degrees to do picture taking via camera. Besides, this handphone also appeared with massive speaker voice and suitable to listen music.

Nokia 7900 Prism

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

Nokia 7900 Prism is not a cell phone which is loved so much in the market. But this cell phone shape has unique and innovative with triangle which dominating handphone’s body.

Nokia 7280

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

Other weird design from Nokia was 7280. This Handphone has no touchscreen or numeric keypad and QWERTY. So, you should use a button to type sentence or alphabet one by one.

Nokia 7260

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

Nokia 7260 which was launched in 2004 was a handphone with beautiful design. This handphone was able to attract consumer intention. Here’s the attractive keypad design which is easy to be hold.

Nokia N-Gage

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

This Handphone was a handphone which was designed for gamers. By this handphone you can play some popular games in its era like Tomb Raider, etc. unfortunately, using this handphone to call was really unpleasant. You should hold this handphone in vertical way by using the upper part of the phone to listen the voice.

Nokia 7710

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

This Nokia 7710 Handphone was a handphone with 3.5 inches touch screen supported 640 x 320 pixels resolution. This Handphone is quite heavy and thick. For operating system, this handphone appeared with Symbian S90 OS.

Nokia 3300

11 Handphone with Unique Design from Nokia

This Nokia 3300 handphone was launched in June 2003 which at that time already support 2G GSM 900 / 1800 network with resolution 128 x 128 pixels, unfortunately, this Nokia wasn’t equipped with Bluetooth or infrared.

Is there any unique design from Nokia which was passed by SOT? By viewing those unique and weird design above, probably some of you will remember the first cell phone you owed. Then SOT would congratulate you and saying: Enjoy nostalgic! :D

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