$25,700 Fine for Anyone Downloading Pirated File in Japan

Intellectual rights holder never stopped finding ways to stand against piracy. Previously, there are some incidents like FBI raided Megaupload owner’s house and forcefully turned off their service, the shut down of popular torrent site Demonoid by Ukraine government and the fresh news is Sweden Police raid to PRQ Hosting Company which made The Pirate Bay and other dozens file sharing down. Then now the time for Japan government which gave hard sanction for anyone use illegal content.

$25,700 Fine for Anyone Downloading Pirated File in Japan

If it is found any Japanese citizen who downloaded, owed, or enjoyed pirated music / video, then the person would be sanctioned to two years in prison or fine for $25,700!

The sanction aimed for piracy music/video user or downloader. Heavier sanction aimed for the illegal content uploader, which could received maximum sanction 10 years in prison and fine to $12,350!

IDR 240 millions is quite huge amount to be paid. Whoever known downloading and enjoying video / pirated music in Japan, we would totally broke and poor all of sudden. Fyuuh..


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