5 Reason why Xbox 360 is Totally Defeated from PlayStation 3

For you who involved game, you certainly knew about two major console game competition: Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3! These two popular console game are game console which full of competition. But according to data from Strategy Analytics, PS3 now played by 43,4 million user all over the world. While Xbox 360 tightly behind him with 42,9 million. The report even showed that Xbox 360 selling got decreasing and predicted to be reduced until the next year.

5 Reason why Xbox 360 is Totally Defeated from PlayStation 3

Why Xbox 360 which is Microsoft game console can be beaten totally from Playstation 3? There are some analysis of Xbox 360 lost compared with PlayStation 3:

1. Controller

Just as known by all gamers, controller in Playstation is never change since it was introduced in 1994. it certainly add the comfort of user who really knew about placement and function of each button. It’s also claimed that it made game developer easier in creating their product. Such consistency made PlayStation 3 is loved by gamer and game developer more.

2. Game Variances

There’s no doubt that PS3 has many games with great playing system, from great game Uncharted to inspired game like Last Guardian. PS3 Game Developer is also claimed more creative than Xbox 360.

3. Free Online Service

Free online service from Sony through PlayStation Network is also increase the popularity of Sony PlayStation 3 in the eyes of his user. Through the feature, gamer could interact with other player from various countries freely.

4. Blu-ray Player

PS3 existed with ability to play movie from Blu-ray disc. Other console didn’t have such facility. Moreover, Blu-Ray now has been crowned as High Definition movie storage standard, pull its competitor aside, HD-DVD which previously used by Xbox 360. This Blu-ray feature is also contribute winning point of PlayStation 3 from Xbox 360.

5. Game Developer Support

Actually, whether Microsoft or Sony, must choose some games, developer which made special game for their own console.

But there’s a news that game developer who developed game for amount for Xbox 360 is far from game developer amount for PlayStation 3.

Just mention some game developer companies which developed game for Xbox 360 such as Bugie with Halo and Epic Game through Gears of War. This Game developer considered less compared with Sony which has many exclusive games, such as Final Fantasy, Uncharted, God of War and still many more.

Eventhough statistically Xbox 360 is still lost by PlayStation 3 in its user amount, but still this game consoles have their own strength and uniqueness which could not be compared. Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3..Fixed choice is in your head:)


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  1. Anotonykook says:

    still… this last semester,,, xbox and kinect have driven playove and playstation out of business,,, xbox is being sold worldwide at an incredible rate,,, Sony has lot agains microsoft in consoles,,, against apple in computers,,, against motorola and samsung in phones,,, there is no more room for it,,, Wich is sad because i love sony,,, but hasnt come up with something worthy lately,,, they are dying…

  2. Eric Bolton says:

    terrible english…

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