6 Strange Bug and Error in Windows Operating System

This is probably the evidence that nothing perfect in this world, even for some expensive goods! When we talked about software, it’s true that nothing free from bug and error. It also happened to Microsoft Windows, popular operating system which is known for its expensiveness. But do you know there are some bugs, error, and funny things we can find in this Windows operating system?

Since I use Windows 7, here is some strange bugs and error I can find in Windows 7

1. Windows calculator is too lazy to learn!

Calculator made by a company with hundreds of professor and thousands engineer, in fact is not too smart. Do you remember when we ask to Elementary Schooler, how much 2 – 2, they will answer at once, “Zero!” If we asked Junior High Schooler, how much square root of 4 – 2, they will answer, “Zero!” However, that’s not the answer we receive when we ask to Windows calculator.

Just open Windows calculator. When we count square root of 4 with command sqrt (4), the answer will be 2. But when we ask square root of 4 – 2, the result will be so weird:


sqrt(4) – 2 = 1.068281969439142e-19

such a detail answer, Does it show the program is too smart or…???!!

2. There’s something wrong in Windows Menu!

Is it a typo? How could the menu displayed is different with process run?
– Open Control Panel
– Open Appearance and personalization
– Open Preview, Delete or Show and Hide Fonts (they are below Fonts menu)
– click on Back button.

Now every menu in the left side control panel, all are mistypo. You Don’t believe, just click on one menu there, such as Network and Internet. Not bringing you to Network and Internet page, in the contrary they will open a site about Windows Font! What a strange.. ^^


3. In fact one word in Microsoft Word can be transformed into document with more than 350 pages! What word is that?

Try open Microsoft Word and type = rand (200, 99) then press ENTER.
Now that one word has been transformed into a document with more than 350 pages! I wonder it probably help you to make final assignment, thesis in 5 seconds or less? ^^


4. Microsoft has predicted WTC Twin Tower Collapsed!

Romor spread is, the hijacked plane to crush on WTC Twin Tower has serial number Q33N. Now type Q33N in WordPad, then change the font size into 72 and font style into Widdings. You’d be surprised seeing picture produced!


A plane which directed to Twin Tower seemed to cause massive death.
Is it true? Microsoft has verified that it is hoax. Because actually the plane number which crushed WTC Twin Tower is not Q33N (although many people believe the rumor ^^)

5. Challenge: can you create this folder in Windows?

Try to create folder named CON in Windows. That folder wouldn’t be able and never be able to create in Windows Operating system. You don’t believe me? Try yourself ^^


6. Catastrophe Effect in MS Paint.

Open MS Paint then paste a picture. After that, click on SHIFT and hold. Drag the picture while you still hold SHIFT button. You’ll find a catastrophe (mess) effect in MS Paint ^^


Those are six strange things I can find in Windows 7. I don’t know they are bug, error, or anything… The clear thing is, six of them are weird things which are interesting to find out :)

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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