9 Reasons for Virus Makers Developing Various Deadly Viruses

There are hundreds, even thousands new version of virus appear each year, even if we diligently view news in every antivirus sites, we would find out that there are so many new virus introduced everyday. By the development of computer technology, a virus technology got more advanced, even now virus spread happened faster to all over the world via internet access which is get wider scopes.

Now we’ll try to find out exactly why and what cause someone try to create new virus spread into the world everyday:

9 Reasons for Virus Makers developing various deadly viruses


1. Used as research object

In an online interview, Dark Avenger, a virus maker from Bulgary said: “I create computer virus since I heard once about computer virus and curious about it, but there’s no one around me able to explain it. So, I decided to create it myself. I insert codes inside which is able to corrupt the data. I apologize about it. I already started it in September 1988.”


2. Don’t want to lose with Antivirus Creator

Someone said, by the development of antivirus technology, it will make the virus maker motivated to create “wilder” and better virus. They don’t want to be considered “lose” and surrender by the latest antivirus technology.


3. Lack of work field for autodidact Programmer

There are so many advanced and smart programmer, but they are not lucky since they couldn’t reach IT companies. Mostly because those programmers got their knowledge autodidact, in fact, almost all IT companies need academic title as work conditions in their places. A virus maker said, “I create virus since I don’t know what else to make with my programming ability”


4. There are many security cracks whether in OS or other programs

Many security cracks in operating system or certain software could make someone got tempted to create virus by using the cracks as spread or infection media.

For example, Microsoft Office weakness could make someone create macros virus and Internet Explorer weak spot made someone created worm which spread fast all over the world.


5. Want to be famous and popular

There are many virus display text and picture expecting the creator and the virus will be famous all over the world. In the beginning, this virus have not intention to damage. The example of this type of virus created by an Indonesian are DenZuk and UFO. However, in its development, appeared virus creator groups in internet who always compete to defend their existence and compete other virus creator groups. Those groups always compete to create new greater, powerful, and undetected antivirus and spread them fast.

Popular antivirus maker recently are:

  • CodeBreakers, Genesis (Inggris)


  • Nuke, Viper (Amerika)
  • TridenT (Belanda)

In addition of competing in creating virus, they also strengthen their existence by creating magazine and online virus article. For example CodeBreaker with CodeBreaker Magazine or NuKE with their NuKE Info Journal.


6. Stealing and damaging data

There are many virus created intentionally to damage someone’s data. There’s a virus which is able to format hard disk more than twice to completely loss a computer owner’s data.

There are also many virus created to steal someone’s data. For example, the popular phenomena recently is virus which made to steal password and other data by uploading those data to virus maker’s computer. This type of virus often used to steal the opposite party’s data, whether business opposition or others.


7. Grudge and disappointment

Do you still remember halo virus and cinta (love) virus which attacked Indonesia several years ago?

The virus contained text which basically about the virus creator disappointment to a woman (his girlfriend) because of one thing. This is an expression of grudge and disappointment of virus creator to someone.


8. Kiddies

If we try browsing in Google with “virus generator” keyword, we’ll find there are so many program or software which is able to create virus instantly, even for someone who didn’t understand about programming. By virus generator or virus creation kit, we can create virus and its variance easily. The example of a famous virus generator which updated regularly is vbswg, created by [k]Alamar from Argentina. virus creator who made such virus generator can be called as kiddies or children.


9. Fad

This is a reason who often answered by virus creator. They used to create virus to fulfill their spare time and create it just for fun.

What the benefit for virus creator in creating virus?

Actually, there’s almost no material benefit. In fact, risk of computer damage so high when they test the virus they used. But most of them have personal or group satisfaction because their various purpose are reached. For example, to become famous altogether with their virus, etc.

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