Adobe Stopped Flash Development for Mobile Browser

Restructuring seems like the best option can be done by giant companies, including what involved in information technology world, to make the line tighten. The purpose surely to produce more effective, efficient, and focus on target work method in economic time which not totally healed from crisis. Started to focus on potential promising market in the future become the main focus of some countries. One of them is Adobe.

Adobe Stopped Flash Development for Mobile Browser

After laying off about 700 employees, Adobe come back again with quite surprising restructuring announcement. They decide not to develop flash player for mobile browser in the future. The latest version, Adobe Flash Player 11 which released for Android and Blackberry device would be the last plug-in provided. Main reason behind this decision? Because Adobe want to focus on HTML 5 which is more promising. Besides, they will also view Adobe Air basis application market which is more potential

Although no longer developing the new version, Adobe promised to maintain the quality of the latest flash player version they’ve released. Bug maintenance and security warranty would be maintained. Meanwhile, for computer user, Adobe has entered Flash Player 12 development phase which claimed to display high definition entertainment experience.


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