AMD: Game Development was hampered by Microsoft!

AMD claimed that one of the obstacles for graphic card performance in computer is directX from Microsoft. Actually, the existing GPU is able to display picture quality 10 times better than game console

Graphic card technology in PC actually is far beyond console. As an example, GPU with code name Xenos in Xbox 360 or GeForce series 7 architecture planted in PlayStation 3. Compared with PC, certainly both of them would seem old and less power.

AMD: Game Development was hampered by Microsoft!

But the fact is, although GPU in PC has 10 times advanced features, its graphic quality is never far from console version game. That’s what viewed by Richard Huddy, AMD Senior Manager of Developer Relations.

DirectX itself is an Application Programming Interface (API) produced by Microsoft which controlled all computer hardware system performance, including graphic card. Different with method in console which make it possible for developers “communicate” directly with hardware. It is considered by AMD as obstacles for PC game development.

“By giving access to hardware into the lowest level, it opened chance for developer to innovate. It’s so clear I heard, ‘just make API disappear’ when talking to game developer,” said Huddy.

Xbox 360 still used directX 9.0c technology, while PC has already reached directX version 11. Different with both of them, PlayStation 3 didn’t use API from Microsoft.

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