Android Now have more than 600.000 Applications which have been Installed to 20 Billions Times!

Free power is surely so huge. Android application which mostly able to be used for free makes Android popularity get rocketing. It’s undeniable that many people turn to use Android since they are interesting with tons of free applications to be enjoyed. Advertisement which often displayed on those free applications never blocked their interest to turn into Android operating system.

Along the more developed Android users all over the world, now Google Play has owed more than 600.000 applications and had been installed more than 20 billions times! Wow… What an fantastic amount, isn’t it?

600k apps

It was revealed by Google when holding Google I/O Conference several moments ago. Applications amount in Android are getting close with applications amount provided by App Store, which is 650.000 applications.

Looks like, both mobile operating system will compete continuously several years to come. Which one is your choice? Android or iOS?

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