Angry Google: The Next Popular Game After Angry Birds (Funny Pic)

Google has released Android, Google Chrome, Chrome OS and now Google+, it seems that Google has been “very angry” with it’s competitor. Android could be the rival of Apple iOS; Google Chrome could be the rival of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera; Chrome OS could be the rival of Mac OS and Windows; and the hot competition recently is Google+ that could be the rival of Facebook.

I remembered about one of the most popular game in the world, Angry Birds. It seems that Google was very angry when his market share is “stolen” by it’s competitor. He don’t wanna lose this competition. He wanna dominate the market share. He want to grab it back through their new product and services. And this may be the best funny picture to describe what Google feel right now:

Angry Google: The Next Popular Game After Angry Birds [Funny Pic]

Angry Google – The next popular game after Angry Birds!

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  1. still sort of laughing says:

    youre right, it IS funny if you explain a punchline before reaching the joke. I know most humor does this the other way around but wth do they know.

    Nah, you chris febian have mastered this. you’ve mastered humor. thank you. thank you so much. its people like you that make the world that much more of a funnier place.

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