Anti Adobe-Flash Movement Appeared in Digital world

Clash between two parties, whether positive or negative, seemed impossible to release from all life aspect, even from information technology. As computer user, most of you surely know or at least hear about Adobe Flash Player before. Because of this software, various multimedia content in digital world can be enjoyed fast and easy. Adobe which is surprisingly resign from mobile world previously has stated to focus themselves to flash player in desktop and HTML 5 in the future. But actually, this decision didn’t satisfy many parties. Even there’s a group who frankly wanted Adobe Flash Player’s death immediately.


Group whose named themselves as Occupy Flash came with huge mission: assure all flash player users in desktop to erase this plug-in in their desktop. What’s the basic reason in doing this? They said, Flash Player has made HTML 5 development and release slower. As long as flash technology exists, developer will keep making this “old and insecure technology” as a standard and keep developing their program through this line. The only way to force technology acceleration is making flash player existence no longer significant. The most rational way to reach it? By asking 95% desktop user all over the world to erase flash player.

Although it has extreme impression, Occupy Flash came as anonymous group who only gave suggestion without any pursuit to force and threat. Their invitation to “kill” flash player came by their members voluntary. So, if you feel that mission they wanted to reach is suitable with your idealism, you can join this movement. However, make sure you won’t have any trouble to access various internet world contents when doing it. (via The Verge)

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